Ways to Earn Money without Forex Trading?


Hi All,

I would like everyone to share ways how we can earn without trading the forex market?

I am currently doing a job somewhere. I have lost in Stock Market, in the Forex Market, in the Cars Business. What other business can be done on Earth to make some money instead of losing some more?

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solar energy panel installation

Personal solar energy panel installation that allow's the home owner to put energy on the grid and get paid for it.

Site specific and practical instillation required.
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I am not sure about the hamster smuggling business but in all seriousness I think property investing is the second most lucrative occupation to forex trading.


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I almost got into property investing in late 2007. I'm glad I held back.

Flipping Real Estate... A great way to past your time when you're done trading for the day. I'm not currently involved right now since I'm trying to build my Forex career, but as soon as I reach my goals here, I'm getting into it heavy.