Ways to Earn Money without Forex Trading?


You can take up affiliate marketing even though it is kind of hectic because you have to convince people to buy something and there are those who tend to dislike affiliates. All you have to do is get a good place to post your affiliate link. It is just the same way. There is much to learn just as there is much to learn in forex.


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other than trading I invest in property. If you can find the right place to start and build up a bit of capital you can maybe look at a rental to start a passive income. I was lucky to start with profits made from trading but if you can get your head down and on to the ladder you can keep the ball rolling.


Hi All,

I would like everyone to share ways how we can earn without trading the forex market?

I am currently doing a job somewhere. I have lost in Stock Market, in the Forex Market, in the Cars Business. What other business can be done on Earth to make some money instead of losing some more?
You wont make money anywhere with that mentality except a job. Forex earns money, Stock earns money etc. Problem is you don't. You should be investing your time in being educated and applying the skills into being successful at forex or stock etc. Instead you are asking where to invest money to earn money instead of losing it. You will lose it regardless where you put it with that mindset.
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