Weekly Sive's sentiment index poll October 07-11 week 2013


  • Earned 100+ pips by Sive's analysis

    Votes: 10 35.7%
  • Earned 1-100 pips by Sive's analysis

    Votes: 12 42.9%
  • I have draw result or earned/lost not by Sive's recommendations

    Votes: 5 17.9%
  • Lost 1-100 pips by Sive's analysis

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Lost 100+ pips by Sive's analysis

    Votes: 1 3.6%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

Sive Morten

Special Consultant to the FPA
Dear Friends,

We continue with creating Sentiment index that is based on your performance within current week.

This is weekly Survey that will let us to build SIVE"S SENTIMENT INDEX. This index will be based on results of YOUR trading by SIVE"S analysis and recomendations. Survey will take place weekly and you will be able to vote on Friday and within a weekend. Results of each survey will be averaged thus, FPA will draw a chained Sentiment index. The chart of this index will be put in sticked thread in Sive's Part of Forum.

There are 5 possible answers in Survey.
Choose the answer on relation only to current week.

1. I earned more than 100 pips within week by Sive's analysis.
2. I earned 1-100 pips within the week by Sive's analysis;
3. I have draw results or earned/lost not by Sive's recommendations;
4. I lost 1-100 pips within the week by Sive's analysis;
5. I lost more than 100 pips during the week by Sive's analsys.

Please be really honest on voting, and do not scare that it could lead to some consequences to Sive. That's not the subject of this survey. FPA puts real hope on your attention to this survey and your participation. Expect for the Sentiment chart's first appearing on Moday! Whether it will appear or not now depends on you, since index will be based on your votes only!
That's the weekly survey - to support this index we need your honest answers on each week!

Brett Reynolds

Sergeant Major
Excellent week. The USD/JPY was indeed a 'Pot of Gold'!. I am beginning slowly to spot these patterns myself now on other pairs. Don't worry however, i won't be 'unsubscribing' you..just yet!?
I think it's great that when you see these set-ups on other pairs you share them with us. I have saved this one and put it in my archive along with the one on the Kiwi/$ you did a couple of weeks ago. I have watched them several times over...already!? Spasiba!


Private, 1st Class
Me like Brett : Both Trades , KIWI as well as this weeks USDJPY were great to start learning from you, what can be achieved if one knows how to apply charting methods . Spasiba and have a great weekend. Best regards KB

PS.: My book arrived and I started reading along with watching your vids and visiting your school


Invaluable help as usual. Many pips! Hope to hear a short hint on further usdjpn development with the coming week analysis :)