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Hello troops!

Please join me in welcoming our newest Giant, Andrew Mitchem. Andrew will be joining Sive in sending you analysis each day.

Andrew is full time Forex trader and Forex Coach who lives near Hamilton, New Zealand. Andrew has been trading the Forex markets since 2004 and in 2009 he created an education company called The Forex Trading Coach. He tells me that over 500 people from 42 Countries have now been through the course and the success rate of clients who take his course is very high.

He offers his clients a way to interpret the market so they can profit from their trading using a low risk approach. He offers Daily Trading Suggestions and regular Live Trading Room Webinars where he trades on a live account.

He's a technical Forex trader who uses Candlestick analysis along with horizontal support and resistance levels to determine new trades.

Here at the FPA, Andrew will be offering his opinion on a daily basis and will be assessing which currencies and pairs he sees as being particularly strong or weak over the next trading day. His analysis will be based on the close of day candle at 5pm EST (New York Time) and will allow you to trade any time frame chart knowing that you are trading in the direction of the main daily trend. The advantage to you the trader is that you are likely to eliminate weaker trading setups that are trading against the main daily trend.

Now that I've stolen most of what he wrote for this introduction, I'll put him on the spot and ask him to tell us more about himself. :)
Hi Traders,

It's fantastic to be here and I'm really looking forward to posting here each day of the trading week and sharing some valuable information with you.

As Bill has mentioned above, he has already stolen much of my into information but I thought I would add a bit more about myself and the type of information I will be posting here.

I first started to hear about Forex trading back in 2003 when I was a dairy farmer, getting up at 5am, 7 days a week. My time as a dairy farmer was coming towards an end due to an unfortunate divorce and at the time I had no idea what I was going to do once I finished my farming career. At the time I had a 2 year old Son who I had to look after and so I needed to find something to do that allowed me to look after him for the majority of the time. I attended one of those "too good to be true" seminars in Auckland, New Zealand and even though the course I subsequently took was not that great (but very expensive), it did however start the bug and from that moment on, I was completely hooked on Forex trading.

So by 2004 I was trading and like most new traders I spent many hundreds (and thousands) of hours researching every possible system out there online. I was watching charts all day and night, I had every indicator on my charts, I was reading through every Forum and I bought every e-book and EA/Robot possible. However, surprise, surprise the result was the same every time - I made no consistent money and I became more and more confused.

I developed a strategy that worked for me and it largely involved price action. I got to understand that almost all indicators don't actually help you as a trader and eventually I realised that the longer time frame charts were far more reliable. Understanding the importance of good, low risk money management and also understanding that more trading did not always equate to more money was something that also developed.

By 2008 I was sending daily trading signals and it was as a result of the success of those trades that "The Forex Trading Coach" began. In 2009 I was teaching in-person and I taught individuals in New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, France, Spain and England. I was then approached by a broker in Auckland to help teach some of their clients and this led to group training days. Webinar tuition developed from that and by January 2011 my Online Video Course was made available and this is the same course that is available today. The rest as they say is history.

I have always prided myself on giving top quality training and help for my clients and I am very privileged to say that I have a very high rating here on the Forex Peace Army website. You can view my reviews here: The Forex Trading Coach | TheForexTradingCoach.com reviews and ratings by Forex Peace Army

A little bit about me. I live on a 4 acre lifestyle block just out of Hamilton in the North Island of New Zealand. I was born in England and moved here in 1997 and jumped off the plane not knowing a single person apart from my new boss, whom I had met once for an hour several months before. New Zealand is an amazing Country to live in (possibly the best place on the planet). Outside of Forex trading, I am a Karate Sensei (teacher) and a huge fan of cricket (sorry if you don't know what cricket is). My wife runs our holiday accommodation business, Spaview in Queenstown. I am now happily married again and we have 5 children.

I will be posting my assessment here of the strongest and weakest currencies for each new trading day. I base my decisions on the close of the day at 5pm EST (New York Time) and I will have my analysis posted on this site for you to view by 6pm EST.

I will also be suggesting the likely direction for various currency pairs based on the same analysis. These are not specific trading signals - those are reserved for my coaching clients, but you will be able to trade your existing strategy with the aid of the "likely" direction for the day. Of course as with any trading there are good and bad days but I strongly believe that if you mostly decide to trade in the direction of the main daily direction bias then logic would suggest you are giving yourself the best chance of success.

I hope that you find the information I will be posting very useful in helping you become a successful Forex trader.

Happy Trading!

- Andrew Mitchem
The Forex Trading Coach
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Hello Andrew….a very big welcome, and congratulation on being the latest/newest Giant to the FPA.

From your bio, you seem like a pretty much down to earth sort of person, and your narration on how you got into the forex business is interesting.

I came across forex when I caught one of our site engineers “playing” with his account and asked what “game” was he playing. He replied “Forex” and showed me his small account and gave a demonstration.
My interest perked and asked him to download a trading platform onto my computer for me to “play” with.
On my very first trade made, I closed the position and made approx USD5 in seconds and thought to myself: “What other business in the entire world that a person can make money in seconds?”.
That was it! I was hooked line & sinker! I downloaded every article that I can find in the internet, got them printed out, and literally burn the midnight lamp pouring over them.
That was some time in Sep/Nov 2010 and since then, after wiping out numerous Demos and Live accounts, I have decided that the best way to make steady & regular money from forex is with “Carry trade”.
If you care to go over to the thread started by “WaveRider” entitled “Back to basics”, you can find an example of one of my latest trial Demo account which I intend to emulate after I have completed my project works in April 2103.
I will, of course, have a separate account to day trade/play the volatile USD, EU, GBP, and JPY.

All the best in your undertakings and I am sure I will learn to be a better trader from following your posts.
Welcome Andrew, I am so glad that FPA has you on board. It is one of the best websites on Forex education. I am a kiwi also from the Waikato in NZ but living in Brisbane, AU. My trading story is remarkably similar to yours; an Engineer by profession but have had to leave work through illness. Tried lots of so called 'holy grail' systems and EAs presented by actors but have now realised it comes down to a simple system based on proven techniques taught by experienced professional traders. I use price action and Elliot Wave analysis, S&R and Fibs. It is beginning to all come together. I am certain that I will find your daily analysis very useful and it will compliment my own analysis.

Cheers, Wayne :)
Welcome Andrew from a fellow Kiwi who is one of Andrew's clients from those early broker introduced days in Auckland.
I'm looking forward to following your daily analysis here and wish you great success with the FPA
Welcome Andrew. Being put on par with Sive speaks volumes.

Glad to have you.