Welcome Jarratt! Another new Giant joins the ranks.


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Hello again Troops!

It's time for another Giant welcome party. That's right. This isn't a rerun. I've really got another new Giant for you to stand on the shoulders of. Welcome to Jarratt Davis!

Jarratt lives and works in the city of London, UK, as an institutional Forex trader and works very closely with many of the top brokers and businesses within the industry. He began trading professionally for hedge funds and clients in 2008.

He wrote the book ‘How to trade a currency fund’ which shows how anyone can break into the industry and trade professionally for other people in 2011.

He trades using mainly fundamental tools to identify key moves in the market before they happen, based on the sentiment as it unfolds. He often complements this analysis with technical tools such as support and resistance.

Many of his trades are generated through information and data gathered from connections within the industry, and include order flow levels being used by large banks and key announcements and economic releases from central banks around the world.

Here at the FPA, Jarratt will be helping members to understand and interpret these fundamental events and give out trading tips based on the most relevant data, and some of the positions that he himself is taking.

It is not possible for him to share every single trade he takes but during each week there are usually events that trigger sustained moves on various currencies that you will have to time to take advantage of.

When these signals occur Jarratt will post them here so that members can check and follow them if they wish. Any signals that are posted will be done so at the open of the major sessions in time for the trades to play out during that upcoming session. The times to watch out for these signals are as follows:

08:00 London time

13:00 London time

22:00 London time

Each signal will be accompanied by a short explanation as to why it is being offered as a possible trade suggestion.


Jarratt sent me a message to the troops. He asked me to append it here. If he posted it on page 6 of this thread, not as many people would see it.

Jarratt writes...
Hi Everyone,

It is great to be on here and I hope that my small contribution can help your trading improve!

My story in Forex began in around 2006 when I stumbled upon a broker’s advertisement on a currency exchange website, whilst trying to figure out a way to earn money as I travelled around the world.

I was excited about the possibility of trading from my laptop from anywhere with the internet, so I began trying to learn everything I could about trading!

It didn’t turn out quite as straight forward as I imagined and my journey took many interesting twists and turns - most of which I could never have predicted! However, this ultimately led me to become a professional trader; working with hedge funds and city based institutions; which I still work with to this day.

I can offer a lot to the FPA members, simply because my background and starting point in this industry is pretty much identical to most members here, and my current situation is where many of you want to get to. Hopefully I can be an inspiration and also help you achieve that goal.

My aim, with these posts, is to bring everyone a taste of how institutional fund traders approach the markets daily and the tools that they use.

I pride myself on the fact that all my trading history and performance is online and independently verified through multiple sources; demonstrating that I am indeed doing what I say every day…

Sadly, it is not possible to give every trade I take on here, but hopefully the ones I do manage to post can make you some nice pips!

I will try and give a brief explanation for each one that I post and also reply to any comments if they are made, but because of other commitments, I will probably be only able to check these messages a couple of times a week, so please don’t think I’m being rude by not responding to questions right away. I will get to them eventually :}

Thanks everyone and I’m really looking forward to working with you all through the FPA!

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Welcome to FPA and Looking forward to reading your book, and your trading advice.
Thanks in advance


A Giant Welcome for our Giant addition ! ! !
Looking forward to your postings. I can use all the help I can get.