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From time to time, a single company can get a very large number of complaints in a very short time. In some cases, the company already has an FPA Scam Finding. If not, the amount of complaints that leads me to making a thread here usually means there is a good chance for a Scam Finding in the near future. My hope is that these threads will lead to more issues being resolved. If they can't be resolved, then these threads will serve as places for victims to share information and join together.

In situations like this, there can be anywhere from a few dozen to over a hundred active complaints. I still want individuals to each start a unique thread in the Scam Alerts Folder. The thread for each company here serves as a central place to keep track of these issues, not as a replacement for individual complaints.

Previously, I would create a thread like this and make it sticky in the Scam Alerts Folder. The problem with that is there are other threads in Scam Alerts which need to be sticky. There can sometimes be more than one company where a thread like this may be helpful. If too many threads are made sticky, it makes navigating Scam Alerts harder.

Because of all of the above, I've just created this Wholesale Forex Complaints folder. I'll move some old threads of that type from Scam Alerts to here. All new threads of that type will be created here.

The rules for these threads...

1. This is a very "on-topic" area. Each thread will be dedicated to issues with a specific company. Do not try to mix other company's issues into the thread unless you have very good evidence proving a relationship between the companies.

2. Each thread will have instructions. If you have a problem with the company, you need to read the first few posts and follow all of the instructions. If the instructions say to start a thread in Scam Alerts, do that first and then come back to post in the thread in this folder.

3. Please don't do hit-and-run posts in these threads. One person who can leave a followup once or twice per month makes it much easier for everyone to see whether things are getting better or worse than 10 people who post "me too" and never return.

4. Threads are created by me on an "as needed" basis. I am the one who can tell if a single company is getting so many complaints that a thread like this will be useful. You can see what's going on in Scam Alerts. What you can't see is how many new Traders Court cases, email negotiations, and more are going on behind the scenes. Please don't post or email demanding that a thread be created here. If I'm about to create a thread here, answering your message will only slow it down.

5. Useful and factual information on the company and the people behind it is welcome in these threads. Please limit speculation and try to provide documented facts. When possible, please include screenshots with any links you post.
Not open for further replies.