This guy is simply trying to make money off of others fears. He's figured out that most traders, through lack of knowledge, see the markets move against them easily, yet fight for hours to make a few pips. It seems like the market is against them. It takes a lot of hard work and accumulation of knowledge to learn how to make money. Forex is not an evil super computer although it appears to be for a lot of traders. That is just a paranoid delusion which excuses their refusal to work long and hard to make money. That's all there is to it.



Thanks for posting this piece of comedy. Some say that the line between being an idiot or being a genius is blurred. Isn't this so in this case?


David is truly a legend in his own mind.

Hey David, did you take the red pill or the blue pill? Maybe you accidentally got the multi-colored one that was full of LSD.

Now if you want to know what a computer really could be used for if it was in the hands of the world's most intelligent person:

It could easily be accomplished with a computer. And a computer could be set and programmed to accept factors from youth, health, sexual fertility, intelligence, and a cross-section of necessary skills. Of course, it would be absolutely vital that our top government and military men be included to foster and impart the required principles of leadership and tradition. Naturally, they would breed prodigiously, eh? There would be much time, and little to do. Ha, ha. But ah, with the proper breeding techniques and a ratio of say, ten females to each male, I would guess that they could then work their way back to the present Gross National Product within say, twenty years.
- Dr. Strangelove


MP --- are youse peeps ALWAYS this serious ??

I think youre correct on all counts

Now I LOVE this stuff simply because at least half of you are so "stuffed" into your own shirts that you cannot see the humor in the world, let alone in one SINGLE man, defending the rest of us from the EC !

If only he would turn his attentions to the regulatory powers, but one must allow that if he actually defeats the EC, then the reg peeps will be taken care of also, leaving in a cloud of acrid smoke !

while being listed as a "recruit" please note this has been my game for the past 7 years or so, and when ONE trader accumulates 2000 pips in a 24 hour period and has students who are approached by prop houses to trade for them, and does it constantly, ANY FUN IN THIS "TAKE MYSELF SOOOOOOOO SERIOUSLY" BUSINESS is MUCH appreciated.

told ya all --- loosen up and enjoy and even if he happens to be psychotic, he probably DOESNT know where you live, so go with the flow ! (but somehow I tend to believe HE owns the EC !

Perhaps, if you all gain the experience and knowledge of years, the next CHAMPION AGAINST THE EC will draw some paypal contributions to assist him in his fight !

enjoy and trade well


Knowledge and Learning are the handmaidens of trading, and I buy them roses each morning, with sincere gratitude !

This guy is hilarious, and probably mentally ill. Or he's very creative and having a big laugh over this. Or he owns ForInvest and blows traders' money on drugs, gets high, and spams FPA. Maybe he's 13 and bored.

David, I'm pretty sure that whoever owns the super forex computer is also one of the anonymous owners of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Sorry, I had to :D


FPA is no scam

I'm only chucking my 2 cents in because I can't sit here and read any posts about FPA being a scam. To anyone questioning the positive impact FPA has. Let me tell you first hand that Gerard from the FPA helped me and 3 other traders recover over 10 thousand dollars from a broker. At NO cost to us!!! without the FPA we would've received nothing. We will see if this guys nuts but questioning the integrity of this site with no basis in fact will not be tolerated. Long live FPA!



I think I'm going to hide in a cave somewhere until March 1st. Thanks for the comic relief.


Private, 1st Class
LMAO :eek:)

This guys a real laugh. I find it funny how comments and ratings have been disabled on all his YouTube videos! Yep this FPA sure is a scam *most sarcastic voice* ;) Thanks for scamming me FPA. Instead of my account shrinking it's now growing! Yep thanks for taking me with the worst scam ever invented lmao So what am I suppose to do with all this fake money?! Obviously it can't be real money if it's all just some super computer, Matrix illusion. Neo help me I'm drowning in all these dinaros! I'm just saying...

Peace to All, the FPA Rocks!!!


*additional thoughts*
So is Sive an evil henchman for the evil super-computer? He is way to good at forecasting what the market is going to do next! That's it isn't it?? Or maybe... Sive is the evil super-computer! That's it isn't it?! I cracked the code I cracked the code I cracked the code! Yippee!
Maybe you should all just pay me now ;) still lmao
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Sheikh Yasir

Mr David.
If you have claimed future market just a super computer controlled game, then how you claim about your product that hacked and controlled it.
And if FPA and all on this industry are concealing truth and you suppose to bring the facts of this so controlled market, you are most welcome.
But not fact is found in your statements.
So dear walks on to get another job that seems to be fit for you.