WeOption Scam Liers


On 2015-07-17 13:19:50 I have made a deposit of $1,500 via Neteller after seeing the so called "We Trade For You" Service offered by WeOption Broker.

As many scammers like WeOption do, they tried to credit my account about $400 in the First week.

But from the second week they started their scams with about $115 average every week.

Afterward they ceased working.

Up to now They have credited $1,019 to my account from 2015-07-20 to 2015-09-18 (Two months) in case they claim to make $750-1,000 every week as per their lies on their website.

The Horrible story began when I requested a withdrawal request via Wire-Transfer of $1,019

on 2015-09-01 03:20:45 which they Declined on 2015-09-07 15:51:44 without informing me.

On the same day (2015-09-07 15:51:44) I re-submitted the withdrawal but till now 2015-09-18 (11 days); It's still PENDING and they are not willing reply to my emails.

I am requesting your help to join our hands and fight against this SCAM Broker, Finally they will give me my money.:confused::confused::confused:
Go ahead and send them an invitation to come and join this discussion thread. Post here when you've done that.
I have sent them an invitation via email to join the thread.
But the sad terrible thing is that now, I can not even log in to my account.
They made it INACTIVE.
They are till now NOT willing to reply to my invitation.
AsstMod should send them a formal Invitation.
Hello everyone,

It seems WeOption does not willing to reply to the Formal Invitation sent by AsstMod.
I think the case should go in open ones for votes