What are the basic rules of conduct in the forums?

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What are the basic rules of conduct in the forums?

The Forex Peace Army Forums code of conduct boils down to two things…

1. Treat others as any rational person would want to be treated.

2. Don’t spam.

Since some people need more details, here they are…

1. Please act in a civilized fashion. Spirited debate is welcome. Vicious attacks are not.

This rule especially applies to attacks on new members who fell for what seem like obvious scams, at least to experienced FPA members. You need to remember that everyone was a clueless newbie at some point. Attacking the victim for making a foolish mistake is the opposite of being helpful.

If someone does start acting in a vicious way towards you, do not respond in kind. This is a forum for forex traders, not a kindergarten. “But he started it!” will not be considered to be a valid defense if things escalate to the point of warnings or banning of accounts.

Every post has a Report Post button. If you see something out of line directed at yourself or someone else, then report it. Please try to make sure to report the specific post that the offending content is in.

2. No warnings are given to spammers. With only rare exceptions, postings of a commercial nature or promoting a company are restricted to the proper folders in the Commerce Zone. Too many people ignore this rule to make issuing warnings and discussing the issue feasible.

3. Inside or outside of the Classified Ads folders, pirated materials and anything illegal are automatic banning offenses. The FPA has very good spam filters, so posts for pirated EAs, stolen credit card information, and other illegal items almost never make it onto public display before being caught and dealt with. This rule includes attempts to recruit people into illegal investments such as HYIPs and other Ponzi Schemes.

4. Don’t hijack threads. Some threads may have their topics drift over time, but in most folders, threads are for very specific topics. A post like “Hey, tell me about Broker B!” in a thread dedicated to Broker A is plainly off topic.

In the FPA’s Classified Ads, hijacking would also include adding your affiliate or IB link to someone else’s thread. You wouldn’t want someone doing this to your thread, so don’t do it to anyone else. Start your own thread if you want to advertise something.

In the Mess Hall, anti-hijacking rules aren't enforced. It’s an area for fun and relaxation. As long as the posts aren’t commercial, illegal, or vicious towards your fellow FPA members, you can post almost anything you like in that folder.

5. In the Financial Company Comparisons and Discussions folder, please start a new thread for your issue instead of only adding it to someone else’s Problem thread. If the other person’s issue is resolved, their whole thread will be marked as resolved. This will make it difficult to get your issue the attention it deserves.

If you are having an issue with a company, you are encouraged to provide helpful information to others having similar issues in their threads. You still need your own thread for your issue.

6. Do not ask if a company is a scam or not inside of the Financial Company Comparisons and Discussions folder. If you worked for or owned a good company, would you want someone permanently tying the name of your company to the word “Scam” just by asking about it. Instead, if the company isn’t in the Forex Peace Army’s reviews, you can ask if anyone has experience with it by opening an info thread in the Financial Company Comparisons and Discussions folder.

Similarly, don’t ask for company recommendations inside of a Problem thread. If Broker A scammed someone, Broker B isn’t going to want their name tied to the complaint.

7. Do not suggest criminal actions against companies, their employees/owners and especially not against uninvolved family members. Being angry at companies which have taken money is normal. Being angry at the owners or employees of those companies is natural. Calling for criminal actions against companies is illegal, will not help you get your money back, and will destroy your credibility. Going after family members who aren’t directly involved in the scam is illegal, unethical, and evil. If some relative of yours scammed a bunch of people, would you like to have to look over your shoulder for vengeful victims coming to get revenge on you?

Calls for actions like DDoS attacks are illegal and unethical. The FPA has spend years fighting off DDoS attacks from scam companies. The FPA will not allow its forums to be used for organizing criminal actions no matter what the provocation.

I am done giving second chances about threats against family members. It doesn't matter if the scammer took your life savings and bought his 6 your old kid a solid gold teddy bear. Any calls for vengeance against the child or other innocent family member will result in immediate permanent banning of the offender.

There are legal and ethical ways to deal with persistent scammers. This article shows some options...

Striking Back - Ethical Vengeance Against Scammers by Pharaoh

Also note that any account suggesting illegal activities loses all privacy protections. If you threaten to commit crimes against a company or its employees, the FPA reserves the right to turn over your email address and IP info to employees of that company on request. The FPA always complies with law enforcement requests for information in illegal activities. At the discretion of FPA employees, threats of illegal activities may ne reported to law enforcement.

If you threaten to take illegal actions the FPA or its employees, the FPA will be more than happy to file a report on the incident with all the evidence. The FPA may also publish an article about your threat with all the evidence.

8. Do not bump up every thread about a company you are having an issue with. Adding “I have a problem with them too” or a full copy of your current complaint to bump up dozens of old threads buries newer threads from other people having current issues with other companies.

Would you think it fair to have someone bump up 50 old threads about another company above the new complaint thread you just opened?

9. Do not create multiple user accounts without getting special permission in advance. There are many bad reasons to create multiple accounts. Being banned is not a valid reason to create another account and will only result in getting banned again.

There are a few legitimate reasons for having an extra account or two, but there is no legitimate reason not to get advance permission first.

If you think you have a legitimate use for having more than one forums account, use the Contact form on this page to discuss it with me.

10. Creating a forum account just to post a backlink and add for a company is unacceptable. If you are a representative of a financial company, having a link is fine. If you create an account just to advertise something like JacksHealthySnacks.com in the profile, don't be surprised if your profile identifies you as a spammer and warns people that the company is paying someone to make useless profiles for a backlink. If you make a thread in the FPA Classifieds for the snacks, that is considered acceptable.

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