What does bullish and bearish mean in forex?

When the market makes a bullish move, this means it is moving upwards, and when it makes a bearish move, this means it is moving downwards. Bulls are usually people who have bought a certain currency pair or financial instrument (or those who expect it to go up), and bears are those who sold the instrument or expect it to go down.

The names come from the typical movements of a bull and a bear. A bull usually butts up his opponent whereas a bear smacks his victim down. In the same sense, bulls want to take the price up, and bears want to take the price down. The price eventually moves in the direction of the strongest of either one of those two sides.


When talking about markets, a bull market is a...


Bullish is a market that is on rise, and continues to rise over the long run.
Bearish market is just the opposite of a bullish market, and in this case the market is declining.

Eryk Martin

On the bullish market trend we need to BUY, when it's time for bearish trend - then go SELL.
I think it is a very vague answer as markets never stay the same, maybe on the chart you can see that the trend is bullish, however, it is not necessary that it is the right time to enter a buy trade. Generally people buy when the market is down or bearish.


Generally, when there is a correction of 20% or more from the 52-week high, we tend to refer to this as a bear market.
Similarly, when the markets rise 20% or more from the correction, it is said to be a bull market.