What does long mean in forex?

In forex trading, going long on a certain currency pair means buying that pair. For example, if you say you are going long on USDJPY, this means you are buying the USDJPY (or buying the USD against the Japanese Yen). Going long means the same as being in a bullish position. Both mean that you are buying the instrument.


In the same sense, going short on a certain currency pair or asset means selling that asset. However, this is not a straightforward sale, since you usually do not hold that asset to begin with. To enable you to sell it, your broker offers you a short-selling service, according to which the broker agrees to buy the asset and sell it for you, on the condition you will buy it at a later date. In other words...


Long refers to placing buy orders. It basically means that a trader strongly believes that its trading instrument is having a bullish market. And thus the trader opens a buy position expecting that the price will go up in near future