What else do you want Sive to analyze?

Which one of these do you want to see Sive analyze?

  • GOLD

    Votes: 99 36.9%
  • CAD

    Votes: 5 1.9%
  • AUD

    Votes: 43 16.0%
  • GBP

    Votes: 69 25.7%
  • JPY

    Votes: 52 19.4%

  • Total voters
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1. Why not gold?
I agree with RahmanSl. Gold is not as easy trading - high volatility, high spreads, and most days there is nothing to trade.
2. Why not GBP?
About GBP we already have analysis from Nilesh(otherwise known as Forex Layman) - lets give him a chance.
Cable Corner by Forex Layman

I think it will be a lot more interesting and useful to watch Mr. Sive analysis about AUD/USD. And i vote for AUD.
-Nice volatility
-Nice spread
-A lot technicals to play


Everyone voted for Gold because it shines!!!

I think CAD is the obvious choice because it is linked to Oil. Let's see other markets as well guys!!!
Gold has too many pauses. You'll have nothing to trade in one month!


Ah, finally something that I've already asked Sive some time ago! I really appreciate that FPA and Sive are now opening the ground for covering other assets. This way we can see how his method works among different markets and learn it better through new situations that are specific to some asset. Having more than one analysis at a time would be very educative.

I would like to see Crude Oil and Dow Jones Industrials Index (or S&P500). I see a lot of opportunities on Crude Oil, and it would be good to see the correlation of such major stock index as DJI with the Euro.

As others stated, AUD/USD would be also a good one, but the problem is that going short on it is very expansive due to highly negative swap rate on most spot forex brokers (if you are swing/position trader). Well, that's my view.