What free educational resources do you use to learn trading?


I do really agree that paid courses on trading are a kind of lottery because most of them are not worth the money.
As for the sources of valuable information which are free of charge, there lots of them online. Why don't you start with Forex Military school on this forum. The educational material presented there is quite clear and useful, so that you can start learning tradinf absolutely free of charge. You can also go to babypips forum where there is an educational center full of the articles about forex market and trading. I recommend you to read these both resources simultaneously for several reasons. First of all, you will remember much more if you study the same topics from different sources. You will revise your knowledge regularly and this will save you lots of time in future. Second of all, you'll examine the issues from different angles. In spite of the fact that both articles can be about the same thing, but the witers do usually use different words for describing their thoughts which may make you think deeper and wider on the issue you are learning.


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It actually depends on the stage of your learning.
In the beginning I used the teaching materials from babypips and forex military school. THat was a great introduction to trading, from my perspective, where I learnt the fundamentals of trading. I think that it is the most appropriate way to start leaning with some basic information and after mastering it, it is better to get more in details. This kind of learning plan provides you with wide vision on the market and later on it becomes clear the overall plan of trading.
Now I am on stage when I need a kind of specific information about the market, like certain indicators or tactics of risk and money management or something like that. I feel that the best source of such information is trading community and different trading forums where traders share their ideas. In most of the cases the participation in such forums is absolutely free of charge, so I am quite happy about that.


Hi, guys!

I’m a new player in this challenging game named “Trading.”

So far I’ve used exclusively the information posted on varied forex forums. It’s time to level up, open new locations on the map, and find more powerful weapons.

Yeah, there’re a lot of paid educational sources on the Internet. However, after checking reviews, I have concluded that most of them are useless. They were some kind of marketing fraud. I hope you understand what I mean.

So, I’m at a loss, guys. Please help me with a piece of advice.

What educational sources (preferably free) have you used? What are your impressions? What sites, blogs, software, forums, YouTube channels, webinars, training, courses, workshops, etc. would you recommend? Which ones should I never try?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I would like to try paid courses, too. However, they must be really helpful and shouldn’t be an empty vessel.
Forex military school / babypips


I feel that the best place to learn trading is trading forums.
There you can find all of the information that you need if you can search for the information, of course. Their biggest advamntage is the fact that there are real people there with their own opinion and perception of the trading. It is very efficient to see a kind of a conflict between several opinions as it gives you the chance to look at the situation from different angles. In most of the cases these forums are free of charge and you can ask the question there and trading community will definetely respond to you.


I have been mainly using the internet to learn trading and get educational resources. I am a member of some good forums, where I try to browse around and get new learning staff. Youtube is another source of mine to get educational videos. On youtube, there are some really good channels where we could find some excellent videos.


I have used babypips to get started and afterwards good trader videos by watching their live trades in youtube help me to learn and progress.
Like others have said, it is best to start with free courses - BabyPips and Forex Military School are good indeed. On the non-free side, there are some great books out there too, especially if you want to learn about trading psychology.