What free educational resources do you use to learn trading?

There are lots of different resources actually, which are free of charge. However, the most difficult thing is to determine whether those resources are credible enough to base your trading on them.
I, for one, know two the most useful and popular resources which can introduce you to trading in quite a simple-to-understand way. FIrst of all, you'd better to start with forex military school which can be found on this website. The educational materials there are well-structured and they can give you some basic understanding of what forex is all about. The next educational center can be found on babypips. The articles there were of great use to me and they are actually written in plain English which makes the whole educational process much easier and motivating. I would recommend you to combine these two sources of information in order to make your understanding of trading much fuller. You can look at the same concepts under different angles which is very benefitial in learning process.
There are thousands of different learning materials about forex which are free of charge. First of all, you can start here on this forum in forex military school. There are many useful articles which will introduce you to trading. You can also go to babypips where there is also a nice educational center full of valuable information. More than that, you can find lots of tutorials on youtube. However, the credibility of the information there should be put under question, that is why it would be better to learn from different channels simultaneously. In addition to that, as far as I know, more and more brokers tend to create their own educational centers.

too much contents you can find but most of them do not have ane sense. i recommend to undestand first how do you want to trade. is it investing, news trading, crypto trading; what about risks and how much do you you have for now money that you are ready to lose etc and then start to learn using demo account and different sources, like forums, trading journal, youtube
As for me, I started with forex military school here and the educational center on the babypips website. These two sources are really nice: they are written in plain English and they are really informative. I learned a lot from there. What I liked the most is the fact that they are ordered in the right direction: from zero to hero. So, you learn forex rading step by step which is of utmost importance in learning process. Later on, I started to trade and surely, I still have lot sof things to learn but I came up with the exact questions like risk management settings or risk/reward ratio or something like that. So, I just asked my questions on trading forums and the guys gave me the answers and I am really thankful for such a support.
Good to hear you have found something really useful on these forums. Just stick to them and keep up your learning process, all the best!