What free educational resources do you use to learn trading?

Nowadays, traders don’t need to use any paid courses since there have tons of useful forums, Youtube channels! I must say, Forex Military School, Babypips Online Course could be a good choice! On the other hand, popular forums are also useful, there have tons of useful threads, new traders just need to spend their time so sincerely!
As others have said Babypips here of course and there's quite a bit on YouTube I like the Supply and Demand methodology
First I am learning about forex by reading forex articles, there are so many blogs writing about forex and we can learn for free, but most learning sources I get from the forum forex community, reading financial market news, and most from experience, rarely watch the video.
Internet of course =) This is the one of the free resources nowadays. In my opinion, if you will tryna find something in the internet, then you definitely would find everything you need. You need some educational courses? Np, just google them and you will find them. Also, you can apply to babypips school for traders. The courses are comparatively good there. Anyway, everything you wanna find, ou can find due to google and the global net.
Moreover, pay attention to books, articles and notes which are published daily by famous news media like cnn, bbc, the financial times, forbes and many other news media.
It can't be mentioned just one for the platform. But I want to suggest some-
Investopedia: It is a leading online source for financial education and has a vast library of articles, tutorials, and videos on trading, investing, and personal finance.
TradingView: It is a charting platform that offers free access to a wide range of technical indicators, charting tools, and trading ideas. It also has a community of traders who share their insights and analysis.
Babypips: It is a popular online resource for forex trading education, offering comprehensive lessons, quizzes, and a supportive community of traders.
YouTube: It has a vast collection of trading-related videos, including tutorials, live trading sessions, and interviews with successful traders.
Coursera: It is an online learning platform that offers free and paid courses on a variety of topics, including finance, trading, and investing.
Free trading webinars: Many brokers and trading educators offer free webinars on trading-related topics, providing an opportunity to learn from experienced traders and experts.
Hi, guys!

I’m a new player in this challenging game named “Trading.”

So far I’ve used exclusively the information posted on varied forex forums. It’s time to level up, open new locations on the map, and find more powerful weapons.

Yeah, there’re a lot of paid educational sources on the Internet. However, after checking reviews, I have concluded that most of them are useless. They were some kind of marketing fraud. I hope you understand what I mean.

So, I’m at a loss, guys. Please help me with a piece of advice.

What educational sources (preferably free) have you used? What are your impressions? What sites, blogs, software, forums, YouTube channels, webinars, training, courses, workshops, etc. would you recommend? Which ones should I never try?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I would like to try paid courses, too. However, they must be really helpful and shouldn’t be an empty vessel.
I've watched other YouTube channels, and I also recommend AL.Brooks' technical analysis videos.
Some interesting YouTube channels:
"Investing with Tom"
"The Chart Guys"
"Ricky Gutierrez"
"Warrior Trading"
"The Trading Channel"
"Simpler Trading"
As I checked almost everyone named baby pips school, you can also go and watch Reynar Teo's videos, he is a game-changer.
I follow trading motivational influencers too! such as Twittet.com/restartedtwitter !