What is a forex broker?

A forex broker is a company that offers people who want to trade currencies and other assets the chance to do so through their services. Forex brokers offer financial services to traders and thus they act as a portal for traders to enter and trade in the forex markets.


Forex brokers enable their clients to trade through a platform that the broker offers. Many forex brokers offer their trading services through the famous MT4 platform, or its more recent version MT5.

Forex brokers often are connected to banks or market makers who provide liquidity and help execute the transactions for traders through the broker. Some brokers are connected to more than one bank and thus they can offer better prices, i.e. lower spreads for...

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Can anyone explain what is a forex broker?
Foreign exchange is a process in which one currency is exchanged with the other, this is done to make some profit or investment or whatever the purpose may be. So to facilitate this process, A Broker is required, he acts as a medium of exchange between the client and the Liquidity Provider and facilitates the exchange smoothly on a charge of commission for his services. There are a lot of well-reputed brokers with whom you can trade in the Forex market.


Forex brokers are individuals or legal entities that act as an intermediary between a trader and the foreign exchange market. By law, an individual cannot directly enter into purchase and sale transactions on the currency exchange. All trading operations must be carried out directly through a Forex broker or, as it is also called, a dealing center, whose activity is carried out on the basis of licenses and is regulated by various government bodies and public organizations.


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Broker provides you a platform via which you can trade in the market. Charging some commission and other charges, basically it acts like an intermediary between you and the market. Just a suggestion, be careful with which broker you go, choose from the regulated ones as they're a safer option. Good luck.