What is the best hedging strategy?


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Can anyone suggest me what is the best settings for hedging?

My settings :

All below numeric are in Points (1 pip = 10 points)

Zone Gap : 50
Take Profit : 100+pair spread
Stop Loss : 0
Recovery Take profit : 70 (Incase it do not hit take profit, i close the trade manually at 70)
initial trade : 0.01 lot
Multiplier : 2x (Doubling each Trade)
Timeframe : 1 minute
Currency pair : Less then 25 spread


This is the settings which i use while i am doing hedging but the issues i face it take a lot of time and as the lot is exponentially growing it getting very big lot and very big drag-down/drop-down. I am planning to customize my technique but i am confused what should i do? increase zone size? or increase lot multiplication?

What do you suggest? what your hedging strategy. Please help me to improve my strategy.
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