What to expect?

Joe Roberts

Hello everyone, I've been a member for a while but just started following Henry's analysis about a month ago. From Nov. 14, 2010 through to today I have been able to follow/watch twelve releases. I missed a few due to schedule conflicts. However, of the twelve releases, I noticed that only two met the deviation requirement. I am courious if anyone with experience can give me an idea if this ratio is the norm? Dont get me wrong, while only two tradible releases a month seems low, this is fine with me. I know discipline is the name of the game. I'm just wondering if this is about what to expect.

ps. I have been trading with small amounts (very small) while testing Henry's signals. During the two tradible releases I was able to earn 374 pips and I feel great about it. Thanks Henry and everyone else at FPA!


Which news releases will have tradeable deviations is unpredictable. If it wasn't such a surprise, the market movement wouldn't be as large.

Some weeks, nothing deviates enough. Other weeks, there are lot's of surprises.

The market is plotting to do whatever you least expect. :p