whats going on with Vantage FX and Moneybookers ?


I am here to tell u very Worst Situation in my Forex Business Life.
I have just Started Forex trading with Vantage FX from Start of this Month December.
One of the most Important Reason was to join in Vantage that, They are FSA Regulated and Good Customer Service.
Thinked that we will make long time business relationship.
but, Is it going to change my Mind ? I am not sure Yet.

I have planned to deposit $2000 By Moneybookers, and Everyone Knows We can't deposit from our country in
broker or pay to the gateway like moneybookers through Bank. Its our country's Bank Act.
So, We have to collect our Fund from freelancer or e-currency exchanger. Thats the way I collect my funds.

I have deposited $2000 in My Vantage live Account By Moneybookers and started Trading.
Sudden I got an email That, they closed my all trade position as they asked me to contact with moneybookers.

My Moneybookers account was verified by Address and Master cards with around $4500+ Transaction Limit.
Around 2 Weeks ago Moneybookers terminate my account without show any good reason.I have send lots email to them and they said
Again and again that, Account is terminated and this is Final. But, Dont show any reason. They asked me My Passport and bank
Statement and I also sent to them , though they terminate my account.

Now, Vantage FX telling me i have to fix my Moneybookers Account For Withdrawal else they will Refund the Fund to Moneybookers.
I have told Vantage that, please dont send my money to Moneybookers as My Moneybookers account has been terminated and i wont get
the money anymore if u send.

I also offered Vantage that, If needed You can keep the money for 45 Days and i will not trade. As i know, Moneybookers has option
to claim that money if anyone make report of the moneybookers account.

But, Still Vantage dont want to help me about this bcz i have much expectation from their customer service.

Please look the message sent to me from moneybookers :

"Dear Mr. Majumdar,

Thank you for the email.

We would like to inform you that once your account is terminated, no transactions can be processed from and to it.
That means the merchant could not refund any money to your Skrill (Moneybookers) account.

We kindly advice you to contact the merchant themselves in order to arrange how you will receive your funds.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Kind regards,
Skrill Security"

After all this happening I am not getting perfect help yet From my broker.
I also heard lots of same thing happening with other Broker with Moneybookers.

Now one question i can ask .... Is there any agreement behind Vantage and moneybookers that they are a syndicate?
moneybookers will close the accounts and Vantage will do the rest ?

If There is anyone Can u please help me about it ?
OR i have to loose $2000 for scamming ?


Vantage and moneybookers both are regulated by FSA . Complain with fsa and let fsa know how they are playing with your money .


Sergeant Major
Hello raju2022,
Welcome new FPA member. I presume your country is India, is that correct?
I also presume you have called Moneybookers for an explanation?
If not, do so: +44 203 514 5562
There really can be only one explanation for what has happened.
1 - You live in India.
2 - India is not a country where law permits unrestricted international money transfer.
3 - Moneybookers does not accept money from India due to this law.
4 - You tried to circumvent the laws of India, by using a third party to mask your residency
5 - Moneybookers likely detected this after receiving your funds, and after transferring them to Vantage.
6 - Moneybookers Anti-Money Laundering Policy demanded they close your account and investigate you for fraud.
7 - Moneybookers reversed the transfer with Vantage.
8 - Vantage had no choice but to close your positions, and debit the reversed charges from Moneybookers.
9 - Moneybookers has refrained from discussing their ongoing investigation of you, with you.
I suggest you retain an attorney in India with International experience for two reasons:
1 - You may face criminal and civil charges in your own country for violating the Laws of India
2 - He may be able to force some disclosure from Moneybookers, and make some progress in getting you a refund.
When you play with fire, sometimes you get burned.
Please correct anything I have suggested here, if the facts are other than my experience and intuition tells me.
Anthony Ingrassia, CTA
NFA ID#: 0278164
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Hello Anthony,
Thanx for your Valuable Comments.

Plz Note That I am From Bangladesh, Not India.
I just Wonder, Moneybookers Closed my Account without Shows Reason.
They Can Ask me From Where the I got Fund , Who send me the money they also Ready for Explanation.
My Account is Verified and they Should try to settle with me First. The fund held in my Moneybookers account couple of days and they didnt message me about anything. Once i made Deposit they did it after within couple of days. and i didnt got fund more than they make limit amount for me.

And About Vantage, Moneybookers Didnt ask Back the money From Vantage.
Broker Should Help his Client, but they didnt. As its not Fraud and i wanted to give them time to check.
Vantage Can keep the money without any Problem, i also offered them if anyone claim this u can then refund.
ALAs they didnt agree yet ..bcz, i know the money is genuine and no one will claim.

Can u suggest me plz now more specially, what should i do?

Thank YOU


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I have learned tonight that the country involved is not India, but Bangladesh, formerly E. Pakistan, formerly India, and formerly the British Empire (if you are old enough to remember).
Otherwise, my analysis was largely correct regarding the law, the rules, and the sequence of events.
For accuracy just substitute the correct country name into the prior texts.
Certain specific advice has now been put forward to the complainants that may help them recover both legally and financially; we will see what evolves here very shortly.
I have encouraged these disgruntled account openers to petition our FPA friend Rafia to assist them in this matter.
Rafia might be in a unique position to help; so I hope she takes up the staff.
Rafia shall find herself very well respected in this matter by all, and in a unique position to lead her former countrymen, whom I assure will honor her in those efforts.
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Contact Vantage Fx again and see if they support any other method of withdrawal. It make take a few tries, since 1st tier support agents will often just follow simple scripts and have no understanding of the situation.


Hi there,
There is a way out, before i had deposited by moneybookers in vantagefx.uk... i asked them, if my moneybookers account locked then how can I receive my funds back? Their reply was, open another mb account, i said them, legally i can not open more than one account with MB. Vantage replied me, they will send my fund by bank wire in my bank account but the bank account name & Vfx account name should be same.... i have their mail too... try it
for more info u may call me @ 01734008340
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Well thanks a lot Anthony for your respectful words. And definitely we remember out history.

Regarding the case, well i would say that if the MB account is fully verified in your name, then this issue is not valid in its nature. I am from Pakistan, and I am under almost the same constitution that prevails in your country. Regarding MB, we can only fund it via our bank transfer if we have Foreign Currency account in GBP, USD or Euro. But we can withdraw money from moneybookers, if we have bank account in our local currency. I am using verified MB account. If you went through the process i.e. if you got a verification code via mail to your mailing address, then it means that your account has been verified and secondly, if you have confirmed and verified your bank account details with them, then there shouldn't be any issue and vice versa.

I don't think so that Vantage, will refund you via another method as it is against Money Laundering Act. So, it is better to try hard to sort out your issues with MB.

I hope the information is useful for you...


Sergeant Major
Thanks for you assistance Rafia.
Perhaps raju2022 should email you privately, where he may be better able to make a better explanation in Urdu between yourselves; for it seems as you said, there is something unnatural about this issue with MB that we don't yet understand.