Where did all the Scam Investigation folders go?


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The FPA's Scam Investigations are now a subset of the FPA's Traders Court.

Please click Education and Forums from the main menu and then select "Traders Court"
resolutions on scams

once it is concluded that a scam is being perpetrated is it reported to any federal or european authority so they are made to repay either by jail time or financially?
l dont see any of that happening, these people continue operating and stealing at their hearts content
is their legislation?
or as with everything you loose, until at the end of loosing thousand of dollars y find an 'honest broker"(an oxymoron). or never and y just give up
please reply
this is going to be my fifth attempt i still believe in humanity, wish me good luck my fellow americans...:confused:
Since the FPA isn't the victim, we don't have grounds to file complaints. The FPA has on more than one occasion, passed messages and contact information from regulators on to clients of some of these companies.

All those who have been scammed are encouraged to file complaints with the authorities. This applies whether or not they filed a complaint with the FPA.

You might think this makes the FPA less effective. If you do, go to the reviews, select SCAMS.

Companies that the FPA Scam Investigations Committee has investigated and blacklisted

See how many of those companies are listed as "Website is closed". An FPA Scam finding can be very damaging to a forex company. This is one of the reasons that the FPA doesn't hand them out quickly or easily.