Which Money Brokers to use??


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...uhmmm...hehehe....I forgot about this thread :p

Over the weekend I spent some time surfing the net to look for that very elusive "perfect" broker and.....surprise, surprise....that's just a myth and an illusion because no broker can meet any one trader's wish list....and those that promises heaven-and-hell will most probably first give you heaven and then HELL when you try to withdraw money.

However, I was able to compare spreads among some of the brokers that I am using or have used and, for want of a suitable place to post my findings, I shall post it here as in the attachment.
I have to confess that I was rather surprise with the spreads comparison results because I didn't realize my present brokers charge higher spreads than others for some pairs that I have and am trading with.

I would like to caution that these spreads might not be all correct and users are advised to seek confirmation from the broker(s) concerned.
is that for real ?? 19 on EU? or you just got this spread during sunday while market are inactive. since you wrote this post yesterday. I often use their service for spread comparison, better click more detail for any pair, market spread are vary during each session.


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I tried Moneybookers.... once. It was a TERRIBLE service, and they were very rude, since I COULD NOT sign up on line, and I had to actually scan my credit card and drivers license to send them. It was the most fishy thing in the world, but it was to pay for something at CAMBRIDGE, which would not accept any other online payment for the service. It was insane.


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I use webmoney and I love using it for funding my forex accounts. No problem so far with using this payment processor for funding because everything tends to work more normal for me without problems at the end.


The problem with webmoney is that most brokers will accept deposits but never withdrawals. The two main methods that are acceptable by all/most brokers are bank wire transfer and credit/debit card, for both deposits and withdrawals, but then again it is tricky to give some of these brokers such information although they promise tight security of you personal information. Therefore you can use webmoney to make deposits but withdrawals you might need to use another method depending on the broker.