White Label Scam - Advise needed - hexinfx.com


After exploring the options on my Crypto Wallet in an attempt to trace the funds, I have managed to uncover that these people seem to be the people behind the Forsage Ponzi Scam as well.

Please note, they are definitely not ones to be dealing your money with!


i would to share my experience using this their platform.
at the first time, i would be able to withdraw such and the process was so fast (within hour).
(i think its their way to show that they're giving a good services).

anyway the amount withdrawal is only 20% of my top up investment.

on several days, i try to withdraw another profit,
but got rejected cause they said it only avail to withdraw once a week.


its my bad that i not surely checking the platform.
need to be careful next time.
there's no available support to contact their platform anyway.
Goood morning everyone,
sadly i must report to you fellow friends that this broker is a scam. A friend of mine is a victim and he lost a good amount of money believing that he was earning when instead it was just software charts manipulation. All this happened trading on the live mt4 account. I'll keep this post update as i try to collect more info.
As you are able to dont be afraid to report, report and report.
Yes this company can delay signals, manipulate the charts, etc. to make it look like you are trading where in reality it's all fake.
I can confirm what you are saying. I'm adding to it that +85267414573 it's a whatsapp number claiming to individual in charge to activate the accounts.
Yes. This is the company in question.

I have to admit I didn't do a through background check on them and put my hard earned money in there only to see these amazing profits.

Their website is:

People i have been in contact with:

Amy Li wan lin: +852 5227 5348
Customer Care: +1 (937) 930-1004
Financial advisor: +44 7928 632105
Hello how, Amy is connected to customer care and the FA? what role is she playing.


Also have a number here which I have spoken to over this period of time but unable to access details as I am outside the USA.

Did a reverse phone search on the link below

So wait, are they claim they are located in USA?
To which account your deposit actually went? Can you check please?

If they are claim to be in USA they can get into lot of trouble, because USA law is very strict regarding such activities and specially when its illegal, they can find themselves in jail if this will be reported enough - same has happened before to similar scammers - you just done mess with the US`s law.
Good morning everyone, after talking to other people that got scammed i can add the following number +85251701053 Zhang Manman who allegedly claim to receive signals from an uncle which work in forex. They share with you buy sell signals with a target and sometimes a stop loss. The charts are all modified, market prices are in line with real market price until when for few minutes the chart become distorted and spike up, letting you hit the take profit. I'll soon add some screenshot showing the real and fake market moviments. Please do not trade with this broker and report immediately to police.