Who are Some of the Best Brokers so far


Is there a way to tell if the "commenter" is a real trader? What if some of them are just employees or hired hands of a particular broker and tasked to destroy the credibility of a competitor?
Well, the most obvious "broker's mole" are the ones who post nauseating "love story/song" on a broker(s) whom most every senior member here at the FPA have no good things to post about the broker(s).
I have advocated in the past for Asst Moderator to allocate voting rights only to senior FPA members and to make it mandatory for senior members to cast their votes or risk losing their "salary free:p" rank.

Quite frankly, after almost 5 years trading live in the forex market, and having gone through more than 10 brokers, I too am having difficulty in settling down on any one single broker. I have resorted to using 2 (soon to be 3) brokers to spread out my financial risk in case one of the brokers suddenly becomes a rogue broker.


Which brings up a spectacularly important point.

A broker may be regulated, even well regulated. A broker may have a sterling reputation in the forums and reviews. This doesn't mean the broker can't suddenly be revealed to be a scam (like PFG) or turn bad and decide to take the money and run.

When you do select a broker, no matter how well you have been treated, you can't automatically dismiss the complaints of others about it. Yes, many complaints may be unfounded, but you need to check carefully. If you start seeing a string of complaints about withdrawal issues, your best option is to test the withdrawal system yourself, not to accuse every person complaining of being an employee of the competition or a person involved in a bonus hedging scheme.


Here's the trick. Unscrupulous brokers love to take shortcuts and don't want to put in any more effort than the bare minimum necessary. If you see someone with a brand new account making only a couple posts to attack (especially without any evidence) or defend a broker, there's a good chance that the person was paid to post.

On the other hand, if you see someone who's been around and active for a few years, chances are that they have a real opinion about how good/bad a broker is.
Yeah I agree. I hope Willfletch's statement is just speculation.


I'm looking for new broker for me. Now I'm testing fxpro, dukascopy and mfx broker.
Who has experience with this brokers and can say something?


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Best broker is too difficult to define, what's the standard of one good broker, normally withdrawal, customer service, spread, system etc. Too many brokers available now but really hope to get one reliable broker through the feedback of users.


Who are Some of the Best Brokers so far?

For me the answer is "None"....for me, the worst broker (and ASIC regulated one at that) is 100% without a doubt be ICMarkets...who should change their name to I-See-Bucketshop to reflect their unethical, unprofessional, and manipulative operations
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