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And before every posts the same thing.

Yes, I know there are communications problems with Wpips. There's some sort of flaw on their mailserver. If you need something from them, use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of this page and provide the following information.

1. Name
2. Email address (the one you used to register for wpips)
3. Phone number
4. Wpips issue

Your message will be relayed to Felix and to Wpips. If you hear nothing for for 2 business days after submitting the requested information, use the "Contact us" link again and I'll personally see what can be done.


WPIPS contact problems

I have been trying to contact WPIPS for a refund of my account balance since Monday 05-Jan-2009 and I emailed payments/support@wpips and even emailed them through the contact us link, is there any other email address that I can reach them at? My account email is akhpp8395@aol.com.