Why does my indicator work on some platforms but not others?


Hi there

I hope someone can assist me with this issue: I am having trouble getting my customised indicator to work on the MT4 of this new platform that I signed up for. I can implement it but some key indicative lines are missing.

Can someone please explain what's happening here and ideally how I can resolve the problem

Thanks in advance

We traders are widely using various customized indicators, forex signals, graphs, etc. to conduct technical analysis. And technical is a basic type of analysis we are using to determine the future price changes or changes in exchange rate by analyzing present and past price information. While using customized indicators we should keep in mind that all the inputs have to be reliable. And what you are talking about the efficiency of indicators is a common problem.

All the trading platforms are not effective in handling and providing flexible trading facilities. MT4 platforms may vary from brokers to brokers. What one broker or trading platform is offering us will be unique and different from the other brokers. So before engaging with any trading platform must go through the due diligence.


Forex market is highly risky and unpredictable as it is a variable market which changes with the passage of every second. There are different indicators which help to predict the future of market as it repeats the history most of the time. These indicators never work all the time but they work most of the time if properly used.