Why MT4 insists to ignore the slippage set during the synchronization of signal positions?


Does MT4 want subscribers to lose their hard earned money? If no, why do they synchronize orders with a very high slippage? . In the beginning, they ask you to set the slippage, a few minutes after they synchronize positions regardless of the slippage set?. For example, today I closed a trade with a very small profit , then due to synchronization, a new position was opened (copied) with a huge slippage . I believe that they can easily give us the control over the synchronization process but they do not want to. it must be your choice to whether or not synchronize your account , not to be forced to do so. if you want to disable the synchronization , you must access your MQL5 account quickly and pause the signal, which is very difficult, time consuming, totally none sensible and unprofessional. The majority of customers want to copy / synchronize positions only when the slippage condition is met. so how to request them officially to do that? Can Forexpeacearmy help? I think that we do need to put some pressure on the MT4 developers. what do you think?.
I really don’t think so. Because I have always found MT4 trading platform is most supportive for trading I am also using MT4 trading platform. And the facilities which I like most is I can trade from anywhere. I think this the benefit of forex trading. Where no binding or limit of trading time. I don’t have to go to any office. Even I am travelling still I can trade.