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Discuss WildCatForex.com

General discussions of a financial company
is there test on real account sir............

Moderation Team Note: All tests arelabeled to make it clear which are live and which are demo. The current test for Wildcat is on a demo account.
wildcat performance unverifiable from data presented

Looking at the performance data presented there is no time zone noted. All the performance data we get from the EA tests seems to be lacking a time zone. Therefore I assume it is GMT, given that FX is 24/7 worldwide.

Now looking at the performance data Presented for wildcat itself this is what I see
"2012.07.11 11:45 buy 0.20 eurusd 1.22879 0.00000 0.00000 2012.07.11 11:57 1.22940 -1.40 0.00 0.00 12.20"
So this is today, July 11, 11:45 they bought euro@1.22879 then sold it 11:57 @ 1.2294

Well the problem is that looking at my bars the top price on the 30 minute bar running from 11:30-12:00 GMT never even reached Near that buy price of 1.22879. The top price on my bars was 1.22799 and the bar went straight down and finished at 1.2266. There was no possibility of a trade buying at 1.22879 and selling at 1.22940
I am using GFT Deal Book 360 and I know that their data is good because I used esignal with the GFT Data feed for the last three years and only changed three months ago. I kept my esignal going until just last month so that I could test Dealbook by verifying it against esignal. The data is good.

I have done this with other EA results and I always find the same problem. The buy prices and sell prices in the data presented cannot be verified against my charts. No time zone is noted in the data anyway, they just give a time. This one cannot be US time because we haven't even reached 11:45 in the US yet, it's currently 13:45 GMT as of right now. What is going on here? I'm trying to match up the trades that the EA's are doing in my charts so that I can try and get a feel if I can see any sense to what the robot is doing against what I think is a good trade. I have never been able to successfully verify anything yet.
I've taken the plunge, will let anyone interested in how live compares to thier demo, its a copier so shouldn't see to much difference