Windsor Brokers, Cyprus


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I don't have time to read every thread in Scam Alerts as often as I would like. I do read every filed case and check the updates in those frequently.

There have been delays all around. The most recent delay is the lack of a response by Gogo_Arc to an email from Windsor Brokers on August 14th. I sent a reminder over 2 weeks ago. I still see no new email being sent to Windsor.

Traders Court cases may be dismissed if the person filing is inactive in the case for more than 1 week. The last delay has gone on far too long. I now see no choice but to dismiss Gogo_Arc's case.

I am told legal complaints have been filed. I hope those cases move forward more smoothly.

Edit: October 4, 2017. The FPA has been notified that Windsor Brokers is suing some of the people in this thread. For reasons I don't fully understand, the FPA's parent company has been named as a defendant in this lawsuit.

For now, this thread is locked. Please do not create any additional threads about this issue.

Edit: January 22, 2018. This thread is now unlocked.


It was a great step to unlock the thread. My situation is still not resolved and no feedback is received from Windsor Brokers.


This request has merit and the issues with Windosor need to be resolved.

The clients (being one of them) need to get this fixed ASAP.