Windsor Brokers has sued to try to force the FPA to remove client complaints

FPA ... you have our support for all the efforts you are doing to get us back our rights that have been violated by Windsor and I would like to thank each and everyone who didn't ignore our case and fight for those who can't ..
Thanks FPA for support.
i hope justice win at the end because my situation not resolve till now i am one of Windsor victims and i hope to get my money back
I am also one of Windsor Victims. Thanks FPA For your great Support. Hope we will get our Money back from Windsor soon.
Thanks FPA team for being honest and fair, i really appreciate your support to our case and I really hope that all the forex clients be caution in deal with Winsdor broker and I really hope that the our money can return back
all my respect to the FPA team. Only with unbiased honest people like you individuals can feel secure against threats from bully brokers such as our case.
Thank you for your help and support
Thank you. Finally you’ve seen it clear. It took some time but this Windsor broker aren’t going to settle easily. We are looking forward for the online case as well and surely with your support and overall pressure we as clients can get our money back and avoid new victims fall for the same fraud.
I'm really happy to hear that those steps were taken by the FPA, I'm one of Windsor victims and i hope that justice win at the end