Windsor Brokers – Scammers Exposed

First we would like to inform everyone who we are and what this thread is all about, Money Retrievers are a group of Windsor Brokers Clients, our group has been gathered after Windsor Brokers defrauded Tens of Millions of USD from hundreds of their clients in a very professional manner in cooperation with an Egyptian BI, after we all "The Clients" have united under one cause either to recover our defrauded investment or to get Windsor Brokers down, it was essential to create out of ourselves a group of experienced professionals to work on the case in order to reveal the truth behind this SCAM that took place over 5 years in Egypt, and this is how our group emerged and was created.

Now let us tell you the objective of this thread. A coupe of months ago a client posted a scam alert that grabbed our attention, it was very obvious that he was one of the scammed clients, we interacted and got in touch with him and urged all clients to interact with the post sharing their own experiences and opinions. The client who started the thread filed a court case here on FPA and it's still in progress, accordingly we took the decision to start revealing the truth and hidden secrets of this scam and expose Windsor Brokers’ deep involvement.

On our next post we will start sharing the complete story; we will also attach evidence showing that Windsor Brokers are behind the whole scam.

@ all clients, please don’t share your opinion or any documents here unless you are requested to as we would like to keep this thread very subjective and focused, this thread will be shared with all concerned authorities, press and media. You can like the posts as you wish, if you would like to share any information or documents please send it to us privately first either here or on our email that you all know and we will either post it whenever we find suitable or we will guide you when to share it.

@ Windsor Brokers, please don’t try to blame the scam on the BI, for all clients both of you are in the same bucket, and we know that you are the brains and architects of the whole fraud. All information that will be shared are backed up by evidence so save your effort on denying anything, this will result in more exposure and information sharing.

@ FPA Senior Members, you are most welcomed to share your opinion and any information that you may find useful and support our case. We will black out clients data on some shared documents for confidentiality but we are looking forward to sharing all originals with all concerned regulatory bodies, authorities and interested official entities.