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Live results since 21st Dec 2010 - update 2

Dear all,
Quite a scary time with the market crapping out 4 to 5% in both gold and silver last week. That said, my profit has now reacehd £542 off a £14k stake with 11 consecutive winning trades. I have a floating loss (DD) of £673 and a further 7 buy stops waiting to trade if the price bounces.

I will keep the weekly updates coming.

Good luck to all.



about ea profitability

dear all

i want to know if any one using it from past few month ...?

if yes what is the result %

please share i want to try this ea on my live ea...

pls help


Long trends will burn you out!

Any EA which runs without a stop loss, in any market has the potential to burn the account!

It is only common sense that if a market keeps going in the wrong direction, the funds will run out when using a smallish account.

Even if it is a large account, there is still the potential for large losses.

If a trend refuses to change direction, you get locked into trades and you sure have got problems!

Having had experience of such an EA, that did not use a S/L, I would now not touch one with a barge pole.
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Update account start from 4 January 2011

10 000 USD account
985 USD profit
1900 USD Open trades
Only gold trade, no trend filter, 0.1 fixed lot size on 10k acc ( less than 1%; very agressive setup would be dinamic lot size to 1% )

lets see what happens with the 1330 gold cotation expectations...

jason ramsay

Live results since 21st Dec 2010 - update 3 - 02-14-2011,

I am now at a 10% total return on capital in 6 weeks, with a £1404 (gbp) profit on 24 consecutive wins based on a starting capital of £14,000. I have 5 working orders with a floating loss of £1504.

While this sounds very exciting and rosy, I have been as much as £5000 down on my floating loss which was 36% of equity, which would wipe many of us out if not appropriately leveraged.

I have found the silver EA is producing better results from a return and risk perspective, although I continue to run both Gold and Silver EA's on a fixed lot of 0.70

I am now leveraged based on surviving a 10% price correction, which would truly be a good time to get out.

The reason I am still in this EA, is that what we have seen in January from a bearish perspective is not unusual and if you look back at the long term trends, we have not even seen a correction based on the scale of decline.
I personally believe the bull trend is still in good shape and $1600 for year end on gold seems to be a pretty commonly forecast view across most Tier One analysts.




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Can anyone assist me?

Can anyone assist me with functional EA?

I believe in manual trading but am now impressed with the results of EA I'm seen in here. If anybody is ready to give me a functional EA to test run, I will be grateful. Send it to my email address:

Thank you.


Forex Gold Trader

I went live with FGT on FXDD Malta:
Capital USD 959.44 (21 Feb 2011)
Balance USD 1198.15 (28 Feb 2011)
Growth 24.8%
Normal setting

NZ financial Demo
Bal $5688.84 from $5k capital
Growth 13.8%
normal setting

jason ramsay

Live results since 21st Dec 2010 - update 4

Starting capital £14,000 GBP
Normal settings for XAU and XAG based on single lot per pair.

52 successful trades
£4092 profit
Balance £18,002
29% return on capital in 10 weeks.

Now increasing lot size from one to two lots on XAG and leaving XAU at one lot, but capping both pairs with a maximum of 6 open lots. (This means that my account is wiped out if the market moves down by 15% to 29.75 and 1224 respectively.)

I am no trading expert, but I think the normal settings outlined in the FGT manual which suggest 1% risk and 30 open trades create far too much leverage which would not survive anything like a 15% price correction.

Does anyone have any comments on this point?
How about you Faiz?
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FGT not opening buy stops on silver

Can anyone tell me why FGT is not opening buy stops on the SILVER settings.
Normal setting 25 trades/50 pips. Dynamic lot is 1.0. Same for Gold exept 600 pips. Thx, P.