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We refer to various statements regarding our company and/or its directors and employees made within this forum/thread.

First of all, please note that our company is duly registered according to Swiss Law and is, as a so called financial intermediary, supervised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority „FINMA” and its registered supervisory agents (SROs). Therefore, our company is obliged by law to abide by the financial business’ „best practices” in the utmost diligent way, and our company is constantly supervised in this regard on a regular basis by official state bodies.

Unfortunately, our company’s and our Broker’s computer system was attacked by unknown persons and/or legal entities in July 2011 and the respective intruders have manipulated some of our client’s accounts. Such manipulation resulted in complete loss of the invested funds. However, as it was an obvious criminal act, our company together with our broker refunded in full the losses of our customers and restarted daily trading. The whole issue is currently under investigation by the competent police authorities in Switzerland and UK. All necessary actions in order to protect our computer system have been taken.

We have reason to believe that some of the „posters” in this thread refer to the above mentioned customer accounts. We are in constant contact with the respective customers and therefore can assure you that the postings within this thread were posted by persons which are not and have never been customers of our company.

Moreover, the two persons posting negatively about our company in this regard registered with this forum in July 2011. We therefore have reason to believe that these persons attacked our computer system and now try to destroy our business reputation by posting misleading facts.

We offer to all interested people more detailed information about our company and its products and services, if they wish so. You will find our contact details on our webpage Home: winvesto - Fremdwährungshandel und automatisierte Handelssysteme. Our staff will be happy to help you.


Winvesto GmbH
Ambrogio Troia, CEO:nerd::nerd::nerd: