Withdraw scam in trade12


I have been working with trade12 for 5 months. At the beginning everything was ok. Brokers showed good results. And then tried to rook more money. Tried to manipulate me. Said what shares to trade. I checked their withdraw. I thought $ 100 was enough for this (trade12 offered giving 50% bonus).
After my broker was still pressing me to replenish but I refused to do this. I tried to earn by myself. Then trade12 gave me the second broker. She could persuade me to increase my balance. We tried to trade on stocks. We bought stocks at the market opening and immediately closed deals. On the gaps. It wasn’t bad. Then she said that we need more deals on shares for this and I had to add money in order not to skip that deal. I borrowed some amount of money and invested $ 6000. Surely I couldn’t add more to the balance before a check of withdraw. I said this to the first manager. He answered that I had alreadychecked it before.
But what about larger withdraws? Reading broker’s rule (about bonuses) it turned out that I had to trade 1160 bonuses. I began to trade. When I worked them out, brokers said that all my deals had to be in plus. I asked where is it written. The first broker told that he would call me the next day. Bit he didn’t. Now no one doesn’t get in touch in the support. Everybody is English-speaking but I’m bad in it.
No money. No profit. Like the others I consider them to be scam. There is lot of information about this but nothing is done. It’s a pity.