withdrawal problem- ikonfx


I am trading with ikonfx, I have asked 500$ withdrawal on Feb 18 and reminded them about the withdrawal. On feb 27th they provided tt copy , from that only I came to know that I provided wrong Bank name. Thats my fault. They asked me to send a mail stating the correct bank name. And I have sent. After one week I again asked about the process and they replied on march 8th as
"We have already made the payment. Telegraphic Transfer copy is attached. Unfortunately, you have provided wrong bank name "HDFC BANK" in the first request. We have received the correction of bank name "AXIS BANK" after we have transferred the payment. Therefore, we are currently waiting for the bank reply. If the payment is not able to be processed due to the wrong bank name, we will transfer to your correct bank detail after the original amount is returned."

I asked "You know very well that it will be returned to you because of the wrong transfer. Even that transfer will not be even made because the bank name itself is wrong. I am in need of money so only I am asking u often. Why dont you transfer again immediately so that I will get quickly. Do you want me to wait for one month if it takes more time for you."
And this was the reply on march 11
"Thank you for contacting us.

Although the bank name information is wrong, some of the banks will still process the payment though the correct SWIFT code. In this case, we do not know whether the fund is processed successfully or not. It depends on the procedure of the bank and we are still waiting for the reply. We check our status everyday for your withdrawal fund, and we will transfer again immediately once everything is confirmed. Sorry for any inconvenience caused."

I am in need of money, but dont know how long will it take. I am asking them everyday, but nowadays they dont reply to my mail at all.

So I want to know how long should I wait for my money.
Send an email to every address you can find for them. Include a link to this thread. Invite them to please come here and explain the delay.
hi marievictor.
I suppose you gotten your money by now for sure.
Please keep us posted here as lots of people interested to know as well.

Good suggestion...........
It's dangerous to assume the outcome when someone doesn't come back. Some people's problems are resolved and they don't bother to update. Others only show up here to express their anger at an issue that never gets resolved and then leave.
I thought your broker is IRONFX, a big one but seems it wasn't. I think the topic owner has gone and we should leave that broker.
As I said before now a days many new ids are coming on FPA and making bad post about some broker. Admins please do something about it.
As I said before now a days many new ids are coming on FPA and making bad post about some broker. Admins please do something about it.

Looks to me more like some broker is making up their own fake "client" accounts.