wmtransfer , and webmoney is a scam !! avoid your money is a risk with them


WebMoney is not a secure service they just scam me 2290 Rubles (about 50 USD)

1) I top up my webmoney purse by bank transfer, then they dont top up my purse in 3 days, when i ask them :

You have used the service Envoy to top-up your purse. But in violation of an agreement to provide such services, funds transfer was made from the account of Miguel *** ***** but to the purse of Miron Andrei Nikolaevich . We have no right to receive payments from third parties.
Account name must match the name of the person who registered WMID.
Therefore we are obliged to return the money minus the bank’s fees to the original account. "

## How i could transfer money to purse of other owner ? they dont explain me any detail else and dont even repply my questions (Seems like they are not able to speak english correctly)

2) Since they dont give me any explanation else ... i decided send my bank account details for a refund .. so i do, and their repply:
According to our system your payment we received from Portugal. Therefore, we must refund it on the same account, to Portugal. But you have given us your bank account in Spain. We do not have the ability to return this payment on this account.
Support "

## Basically they say that they got money from portugal and my bank adress is from spain so refund can't be done.
I explained that my bank is from spain, and i dont know the way or labbel that my bank use for international operations (who know if my bank have international office at portugal ...) so if they dont know doing international business better stop offer the service but the only thing i know is that i sent them money from my bank office at (spain) and got not purse top up, no refund, and not even a coherent explanation

3) So i have loosed 50 USD ( 2290 Rubles) without know why, all i know is that aparently i did payment from "portugal" and my webmoney Z purse is of: "Miron Andrei Nikolaevich" not from me.

Conclusion: This is a service from a communist country that is actually at war, is not secure, they dont know speak english correctly, they steal your money with reasons that rub the unreal ... (i just use their **** service because i need send RUB to people who is living in russian and they cant acept paypal. but he told me next time better use : yandex service.


BTW i can provide screens, photos, proofs about what im telling


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Been with them for 10 years with no problems. However, there is the language barrier. I mean how is it possible for a worldwide company not to hire people who speak English. They are hard headed I admit. Try to cool down and keep emailing them showing proofs that what you're saying is true. Solutions are possible. If you give them a hard time for such a small amount, I'm sure they will resolve the matter. Simply ask them to send the funds back to origin. Your local bank might be a branch of a main bank in a different country, that's why you're having this issue.