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Worldwatch for June 2012 - A very important month

Discussion in 'Market Predictions and Reports' started by f-man, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. f-man

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    Dec 5, 2010
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    Algeria The incumbent party's victory in the general election increases the chances of anti-government demonstrations.
    Angola Political instability may rise as elections approach.
    Botswana Global economic uncertainty impairs growth in the mining sector.
    Cameroon The political environment becomes more volatile.
    Congo, D.R. Political uncertainty abates a little but security problems persist in the country's restive east.
    Cote d’Ivoire Favourable weather strengthens the likelihood of a good cocoa harvest.
    Ethiopia An Ethiopian attack on rebel bases in Eritrea heightens cross-border tensions.
    Gabon A major cabinet reshuffle bodes well for the diversification of the economy.
    Ghana The government seems to be committed to reducing the fiscal deficit.
    Kenya Monetary and fiscal policies are positive, but the political outlook is uncertain.
    Libya Persistent security issues continue to undermine the risk environment.
    Malawi Risk declines following the peaceful transfer of power to a reformist president.
    Mauritius Worries about the euro-zone crisis and domestic political uncertainties overshadow the risk outlook.
    Morocco Debt will rise to fund the budget deficit but credit risk will remain tolerable.
    Mozambique Short-term economic growth prospects are dampened by problems in the EU and a slowdown in other key export markets.
    Namibia The prospects for economic growth improve again.
    Nigeria Insecurity, protests and higher fuel costs negatively affect the economy.
    Senegal The risk outlook improves following the peaceful transfer of power.
    Sierra Leone Despite strong activity in the iron-ore sector, potential investors face difficulties.
    South Africa Worrying economic developments cast a shadow over the risk outlook.
    Sudan Border disputes with South Sudan continue to seriously undermine the risk outlook.
    Tanzania The risk outlook stabilises due to improved economic prospects.
    Tunisia Political moves improve the short-term risk outlook.
    Uganda Political infighting is damaging the commercial environment.
    Zambia The outlook is threatened by political tensions.
    Zimbabwe Weak diamond revenues put pressure on the budget.

    Asia Pacific
    Afghanistan The ongoing insurgency continues to affect the risk outlook.
    Australia The central bank slashes interest rates despite its upbeat assessment of the economic outlook.
    Bangladesh Payment risks remain elevated as the key garment sector faces a downturn.
    Cambodia The economy showed signs consistent with robust growth in early 2012.
    China D&B downgrades China's country risk rating amid slowing growth and rising political tensions.
    Fiji The economy is showing signs of a renewed downturn after growing for the first time since 2006.
    Hong Kong Economic growth is likely to have slowed significantly as exports falter.
    India The central bank lowers interest rates for the first time in three years to try and spur economic growth.
    Indonesia Protectionist government measures frustrate potential investors.
    Japan The economy rebounded in early 2012 thanks to an upturn in demand.
    Korea (South) The economy expands at its fastest rate in a year, but external headwinds remain strong.
    Malaysia Potential snap election raises political risks.
    Myanmar Political and economic reforms gather momentum.
    Nepal Political and security threats still overshadow the risk outlook.
    New Zealand Although growth remains fragile, economic prospects appear to be improving slowly.
    Pakistan The economy continues to struggle to gain any momentum.
    Papua New Guinea Political uncertainty remains elevated in the run up to June's election.
    Philippines A rebound in electronics exports may prove to be only temporary.
    Singapore The overall picture is gloomy despite a quarterly uptick in economic growth.
    Sri Lanka The economy has overheated, forcing a tightening of policy.
    Taiwan Fragile economic growth and an uncertain external environment still weigh on the risk outlook.
    Thailand The export-oriented economy is not yet clear of the disruption caused by flooding in late 2011.
    Vietnam A significantly weakened economy dampens the risk outlook.

    Eastern Europe
    Albania Economic growth slows significantly.
    Azerbaijan Continuing problems in the oil sector affect growth prospects.
    Belarus Despite some economic stabilisation, reforms are largely absent.
    Bosnia & Herzegovina The economy is stable but growth has slowed to a crawl.
    Bulgaria Depressed domestic and external demand weigh on economic activity.
    Croatia Weak domestic and external demand weigh on the outlook.
    Czech Republic Political risk increases as the ruling coalition dissolves.
    Estonia Economic expansion continues but at a slower pace than in 2011.
    Georgia The short-term outlook stabilises amid strong economic growth.
    Hungary The economy is at risk of re-entering recession.
    Kazakhstan Real GDP growth is sustained while inflation decreases.
    Kyrgyz Republic Declining gold production and prices are expected to affect the trade balance.
    Latvia Economic activity continues at a moderate pace.
    Lithuania Quarterly economic growth figures surprise on the upside.
    Macedonia The commercial risk outlook improves amid higher bank lending.
    Poland The financial system is relatively well positioned to withstand the euro-zone debt crisis.
    Romania Populist measures threaten to derail fiscal consolidation.
    Russian Federation The economic reforms promised by President Putin are to be implemented in a tougher economic environment.
    Serbia The economy slows as political risk rises.
    Slovak Republic Weak economic growth undermines government fiscal plans.
    Slovenia The risk outlook continues to deteriorate due to the weak fiscal position and poor growth prospects.
    Tajikistan Economic growth will remain significant but the Russian slowdown and declining cotton prices will ease its pace.
    Turkmenistan Economic growth is strong but major imbalances remain.
    Ukraine High frequency indicators show a significant slowdown in economic activity.
    Uzbekistan The country maintains strong growth momentum but economic and political challenges remain.

    Middle East
    Bahrain Political instability continues to undermine the country's economic potential.
    Egypt Uncertainty surrounds the likely outcome of the presidential election.
    Iran Talks to resolve the nuclear issue prove inconclusive.
    Iraq Despite relatively favourable economic indicators, the political and security environment remains fraught.
    Israel Major downside risks continue to affect the economic outlook.
    Jordan Political instability and weakened fiscal finances overshadow the risk outlook.
    Kuwait Tensions between the executive and parliament destabilise the risk outlook.
    Lebanon Violence related to Syria is destabilising the risk environment.
    Oman The hydrocarbon sector boosts growth.
    Qatar The authorities continue their massive investment activities.
    Saudi Arabia The oil sector underpins growth in the rest of the economy.
    Syria The political picture remains worrisome, while foreign exchange reserves are falling.
    UAE The economy is boosted by strong non-oil sector performance.
    Yemen The humanitarian crisis deepens as political tensions persist.

    The Americas
    Argentina Parallel exchange rate system plans are denied.
    Bolivia The overall risk profile weakens due to escalating social unrest.
    Brazil A deteriorating global outlook significantly impacts on the risk outlook.
    Canada The economy shows signs of regaining traction after slipping in recent months.
    Chile The macroeconomic outlook is positive, despite the unpopularity of the government.
    Colombia Security risks increase sharply in the wake of insurgent attacks.
    Costa Rica The outlook deteriorates as fiscal consolidation stalls.
    Cuba Economic reforms unleash a rapidly growing private sector.
    Dominican Republic A new deal with the IMF fails to materialise ahead of May's presidential election.
    Ecuador A strong oil sector helps underpin good economic growth.
    El Salvador An export slowdown puts pressure on foreign exchange reserves.
    Guatemala Growth prospects remain positive despite an expected weakening of economic momentum.
    Honduras The short-term economic outlook stabilises on the back of improved global prospects.
    Jamaica Another deal with the IMF is under negotiation.
    Mexico Growth momentum remains strong as the economy surprises on the upside.
    Nicaragua The level of FDI almost doubled in 2011 but the need for caution persists.
    Panama Political risks rise even as the economy powers ahead.
    Paraguay Continued adverse weather conditions raise the prospect of a recession.
    Peru Insurgent activity is a key downside risk.
    Trinidad & Tobago The economy continues to limp along but headline inflation has jumped.
    USA The economy loses momentum after registering good job growth in recent months.
    Uruguay The risk outlook is broadly positive, but undermined by key economic frailties.
    Venezuela Labour reforms endanger youth employment.

    Western Europe
    Austria The economy is at risk of recession amid financial market stresses and euro-zone stagnation.
    Belgium Indicators suggest the economy may have momentarily stabilised.
    Cyprus The weakening European economy continues to weigh on the outlook.
    Denmark The government's plan for fiscal consolidation is overly optimistic.
    Finland The euro-zone crisis hits exports but domestic demand remains buoyant.
    France The new socialist government is torn between populist electoral promises and reassuring financial markets.
    Germany Economic and political anxieties keep the risk outlook under downward pressure.
    Greece D&B downgrades Greece's country risk rating amid mounting political and economic uncertainty.
    Iceland The risk outlook remains stable despite a further rise in global financial market uncertainty.
    Ireland Political risk increases amid growing uncertainty over the EU fiscal treaty referendum.
    Italy The outlook deteriorates amid record-low consumer confidence.
    Luxembourg Following a sharp downturn in late 2011, the economy looks weaker.
    Malta Weak external and domestic demand weigh on the economic outlook.
    Netherlands D&B downgrades the Netherlands' country risk rating as a result of deepening political uncertainty.
    Norway The economy loses momentum as weak external demand hurts exports.
    Portugal Despite some encouraging indications, fiscal consolidation continues to weigh on economic activity.
    Spain Banking sector problems lead to dangerously high risk premia for Spanish sovereign debt.
    Sweden The authorities say they will veto EU legislation prohibiting tougher capital rules for banks.
    Switzerland The escalation of the euro-zone crisis threatens to derail the fragile recovery of the economy.
    Turkey External imbalances continue to improve but remain a key vulnerability.
    United Kingdom The country enters its first double-dip recession since the 1970s.
  2. RahmanSL

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    Jan 16, 2010
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    f-man, that's an interesting summary of the state of the world which is most informative & helpful....and looks like most everyone is either getting the flue, down with the flue, or on drips now waiting for a miracle cure.

    So, whose currency will triumph above the rest in the coming week, weeks, month, months, year, and years?? Japan looks promising, but slow down in exports might dampen any significant growth.

    Perhaps it might be timely to revert to good old gold & silver;yah!
  3. f-man

    f-man 4Xangels Representative

    Dec 5, 2010
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    There are a lot of happenings everywhere on the planet, but all eyes are now on Greece and the coming elections.

  4. Pharaoh

    Pharaoh Colonel

    Oct 3, 2007
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    Once again, no bad news out of North Korea. Time to invest. :p

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