Worst Forex Reviews

And another guy spamming for one company in another company's review page.

I stopped using forex. Spread Trading is better. All online, no down loads. FSA regulated. I opened an account with SPAM COMPANY

If you are in the UK, you might want to consider spread betting companies. Since that is just another way to trade forex, it's fine to submit those companies for revew.

At least this moron was kind enough to leave 5 stars for the innocent company he was abusing.
Oh my.

Muy excelente!

OK, for those who speak a little Spanish, that means something like "very excellent!".

Our readers are worldwide. This website has chosen English as its primary language. If this person had written a review in English AND Spanish, bilingual reviews are very welcome. Reviews containing no English don't serve the majority of our readers. The FPA does have regional areas in the forums where the postings come in a variety of languages, but the reviews are supposed to be available to as many of our regular readers as possible.

Also, no matter what the language, 2 word reviews don't get approved. You need to tell people why the company is so excellent.
Left for a signals company.

Not to discourage you, but I really doubt that there are any money making forex signals out there. If I really knew how to make hundreds of pips each month, why would I go through all the troubles of setting up a company, setting up a website, advertising, and worst of all, making myself exposed to lawsuits from make a living by sueing people, and the scrutiny of NFA, CFTC, etc......? I 'm not saying it's impossible, but I think the chance is lower than winning the lottery.

This guy's argument might have some merit. Why he picked one signals company over another to drop this review in remains a mystery. Since he didn't say anything about that company at all, why he thought his review would be approved is also a mystery.
Left for a brokerage that is already listed in FPA's reviews.

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This forum mentioned was nothing but a way to sell a bunch of get rick quick schemes. Almost none of them were related to forex. This person wasn't even bright enough to try to submit it as a separate site.
Thank you for calling the FPA helpline. Please ask a random question in the reviews and we'll get right back to you...

FPA, I am seeking out a good forex broker in Sydney , Australia, do you have any recommendations?

Great question for the forums! TERRIBLE question for reviews. Does he really want the Review Moderators and other people to start a discussion of the best Aussie brokers in the middle of one broker's review page?
One star reviews need to give some solid reason for being 1 star. This one wouldn't even qualify as a No rating review without more info...

I'm hearing ugly rumors................be very careful,actually it may be too late to be careful if what I'm hearing is true.

Ugly rumors... like someone in the company had a terrible complication while getting a face lift?

Provide some info of some sort, or your review will end up being dumped.
Another filthy spammer looking for a place to advertise...

This a reasonable system, but i have discovered a good one that is SPAM URL DELETED

and from the same guy left under a different company

This a very nice system in term of basics, but after that i discovered a very nice blog and leverage my capital step by step

Scum like this are a major reason FPA reviews are moderated. If we let this kind of garbage in, the whole review area would be over-run in days.
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A very helpful person looking to push his own product left this review for a couple of different items...

i have used the software and its pretty lovely..if you have any question or difficulty using this software just send a mail to EMAIL DELETED.....see yah

If I had more free time, I'd email him and see what he's really selling.
For a company that's out of business...

I am curious of what further happened with this company.

This wouldn't have qualified for worst forex reviews, except he gave the dead company 5 stars.