Worst Forex Reviews

Asking for reviews does not generate more reviews. If all the reviews like these were approved, then there would be more "Tell me about the company" reviews than opinions given by real reviewers. Others ask for information that's not related to reviews. Review pages are for reviews, not "please suggest other products" or "please tell me how the product works" discussions.

Here's a small sample of recent ones...

For an EA with over 200 reviews and an FPA Performance Test running...

No review just want to see others results with this system before I try it!

For an EA with over a dozen reviews and an FPA Performance Test running...

would you think this ea worthy to buy please?

For a broker with over 40 reviews...

I would like to know if some one have had good experiences with BROKERNAME. May be you could suggest me a proved broker who allows to withdraw via paypal. Thank you for your help.

So I guess this guy doesn't care if all future readers looking for an opinion of the broker instead find lists of brokers that accept PayPal.

For a piece of software with over 80 reviews...

Hello all - I have recently begun to look at Forex trading and was interested in using some software. It seems SOFTWARENAME is a good piece of software. Could someone please tell me what this software does, I mean does it give you signals on when to buy / sell. Can it trade automatically. Is it good for beginners. Can ths software help me achieve small but consistent profits Thanks.

I have 2 suggestions. Try asking in the forums thread. Better yet, go to the website and read all the material there very carefully.

For a broker with about 100 reviews...

PLEASE tell me should i join with BROKERNAME

I'm not a forex guru, but I think going to the broker's website and clicking something like "Open a trading account" might work.

For a signals service with a 4 star rating...

what is this all about?

It's probably something like "You give them money, they tell you when to open and close trades." If you read the website, it will tell you.

Some people may need more help than the FPA can give. This was left for a forex trading software company...

please how do i get this SOFTWARE and how do i intall it in my platform!

I think you would visit the website. Then click "Buy Now!". After you download it, follow the instructions. If you have any problems, email the support address at the company.

More desperate attempts to waste space begging for reviews...

Has anyone tried this EA yet?

ill rate this later because i just subscribed the service.ill post my acc statemt later n ill rate this according to it.if anyone already familier with this service just leave a review here . this will b help full for FPA members

Yes, if someone has used the product or service and wants to tell about their experiences, it would be helpful if they left a review. Every review page already has an introductory review asking people to leave a review. Asking again and again will only make the reviews useless.

One more from someone who doesn't seem to get the concept. This was for a managed accounts service...

pls i realy want to understand haw you it works

Here's how it is supposed to work. You sign an LPOA and give them your password. They trade your account. If they make money, they get some of your profits.
Of course, an IB who gets a cut of your spread when you trade would be the best option for getting an honest opinion about a broker, and Santa Claus will bring you pips if you are on his list of good children...

I have planned to trade my $2000 in BROKERNAME.
Anyone here in FPA can give me an absolute advice about my plan?
Please give me a valid advice with proof of screenshots of works, advantages or disadvatages... or real or scam..

If you can give me a good reason.. i will join under your referral link if possible..


Just email me @ fxtradermaster@iamverygullible.com

Yes, someone who gets a cut of the money would never mislead you or give fake screenshots.
A couple more people complained that the FPA dares to not publish every review that comes in.

I would LOVE to publish all the reviews. I'd do it if...

Companies didn't leave fake reviews for themselves.
Angry clients didn't leave multiple fake reviews to attack a company.
If affiliates didn't try to spam their links onto review pages.
If non-forex spammers wouldn't spam their links onto review pages.
If people wouldn't leave "has anyone used this company?" are reviews.
If the rating given always matched the review written.
If the reviews were all on topic and related direct experiences and information about the company.

Let's look at some where a few words of explanation would have resulted in approved. First, some of 1 star reviews...

I'm not even going to get into it.dont waste your money. everything people are saying are true.

If the next reviewer gives it 5 stars and says it's great, should I believe that too?

I have a problem.

And if you would give some details, maybe the FPA could help.

Of what?

And some 2 star reviews...

Me feeling after joining this site.

Thanks. I'll consider that carefully before opening an account.


Turn off your CAPS LOCK and say why.

Let's see if the ones who give 4 stars can do better...

I wish I lived outside USA:)
Definitely would open account with BROKERNAME. lol

You've never had an account with them and can't open an account with them. And based on that you have them 4 stars. Amazing.

How about some 5 star ones...

Best broker that i ever have

So close, but I want some details. Maybe the next reviewer can give me more information.

In what way?

it's very good

Good at what? Making money or losing money? I need a longer review. I hope no one writes a shorter one.

That's the problem with being a moderator. My hopes get dashed all the time.

I think this may be a record for shortest 5 star review ever. :(
Maybe I'm too harsh and should let in reviews with no details. I don't think so, but I'll concede that opinions on that may vary.

How many of you would approve reviews like these?

5 stars

I am wondering with this service in last month... Someone have experienced this too?!

No, I've never used them, so I'm not giving them a rating. Why are you rating them?

3 stars for a broker


If you promise to never post anything like this again, I'll send you all my money to trade. I'll also mail you a new keyboard that lets you type without having the CAPS LOCK on all the time.

1 star

I would like to know that this signal provider is Scam or Not

Welcome to the FPA. Read the reviews and check the Scam Alerts Folder and see if anyone's complaining.

For a broker with almost 200 reviews, including many that mention withdrawals

I am planning to open account with BROKER, any one has any experience fund withdrawal with this broker.

If he didn't read the prior reviews about withdrawals, why should anyone leave him more?

5 Stars for a broker

well i was told about this foren trade by a friend and he said is the best of it kind 100% garantee and am still hoping his telling the truth

Yes, anything your friend tells you is true. Just give him all your money and you'll be rich in a week.
There's more than one type of forex scammer.

Ahoy mateys! There be pirates in these waters. ;)

From John, USA who was really posting from Poland...

I think this is very good software, it can predict really big moves, but you have to know how to use it.
I have this soft fixed to work on any PC, I can sell for very little money just drop me an email to katemoonXX@istealsoftware don't waste 5000 to buy it from they website you better invest this money to trading


I have been using it for long time and it is really good soft, you can make really nice money on it.
I have this software that works on any PC, just drop me an email to katemoonXX@istealsoftware and for small money I will send it to you.


I have this softwarew that works on any PC, just drop me an email katemoonXX@istealsoftware and for small money I will send it to you

Too bad John, or Kate. I and my team would never allow your review to be posted on the review page or even here with an intact email address. If someone wants to buy that software, they'll have to pay for a legitimate copy.

Another person had never used a program, but wanted to illegally share it with others. He tried to leave this as a review...

Anyone interested in sharing the cost of subscribtion for SOFTWARE. it works out about £118 monthly so half is £59 per months. My email is bj_uae@CopyrightInfringement

I hope all these pirate wannabees take their spam elsewhere. Try a site that doesn't moderate reviews.
Normally I save these up and publish a bunch at once. This reviewer was exceptional, so I'm giving him special billing.

First, he fails to give a valid location. He left a 5 star review for an account management service without actually saying whether or not he's used it. Then he leave this for a 1 star review for another service...

i did not use this manager but i am hear very bad things about them. stay away

He should open his own website. Then he could do Rumors and Ratings instead of Reviews and Ratings.