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A number of Felix's writings and Pharaoh's article on how to Make Your Trading Truly Worthwhile emphasize good reasons to donate to worthy causes.

The down side of this is that a number of people decided to start cyber-begging at the FPA. "Send me money" is not a worthy cause.

I have had to delete a number of posts and strange emails because of this. The downside is that there were also some causes that seemed worthy, but were not verifiable charities. Those also got deleted. Now I've made this thread.

The rules:

1. You can not ask for money for yourself or your personal friends or relatives in this thread.

2. Any other good cause is acceptable, even if it's not a recognized charity. If someone you don't personally know has a facebook page asking for donations, that is acceptable in this thread. Recognized charities that aren't involved in scandals are also acceptable.

3. Please be familiar with the cause. If it turns out later to have been a scam, I will expect the person who posted it to explain why he or she endorsed giving to an unworthy cause here.

Michael Glancy

Helping disabled children and adults


I know of a local charity ran entirely by volunteers. No one is paid at all (around 300 0f them). They run 8 canal barges adapted for wheelchair / difficult access use. They serve disabled people (and children) all over Scotland.
Some of the men their have worked at it since retirement from their career, some as long as 19-20 years. Our local branch services around 5000 people in the six months of good weather we have, and provides "santa" cruises around christmas time for the many children who sail with us (someone dresses as santa and gives out presents).

This service is provided entirely free (most leave a donation). The difference this makes to the lives of some people who are institutionalised is fantastic. They get very little funding other than passenger donations, and the kindness and dedication of the volunteers who give their time and effort freely for the benefit of other people could be described as tremendous.

This is their web site Seagull Trust Cruises

please have a look.



Financial Trading for Haiti Relief


Might I humbly suggest that your readers go to Trade4Haiti.org then click the big button in the top left hand corner which allows them to donate directly to our charity of choice, which is currently ShelterBox.

It'll help them feel good and they might even learn a little bit about themselves, and hence about how to succeed at trading, at the same time.




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World Orphanges Lists

Most of us have parents and the tradegy for the few who do not. Please consider the following orphanges of a particular country of your choice to support. There are hundreds of orphanges that are in great need of your financial help:

ORPHANAGE.ORG: Free links and web sites for orphanages!
Mar 9, 2010 ... Free Link Page for all Orphanages world wide and free web sites for Orphanages. ... List of links to orphanages arranged by continent. ...
ORPHANAGE.ORG: Free links and web sites for orphanages!

Orphanages, featuring African orphanages, Asian orphanages, and ...
SOS Children is the world's largest orphan charity. Save an orphan from poverty and hunger ... We list orphans and orphanages on this website in good faith, ...
Orphanages, featuring African orphanages, Asian orphanages, and other orphanages. Sponsor Orphans and Orphanages.  Help orphaned and abandoned children

Orphanage Directory: Directory of Orphanages helping orphans ...
If you know of any orphanages that we can list in this orphanage .... Poverty and Hunger website working to fight poverty and hunger around the world. ...
Orphanage Directory: Directory of Orphanages helping orphans around the World - Cached - Similar
Orphanages, featuring African orphanages, Asian orphanages, and other orphanages. Sponsor Orphans and Orphanages.  Help orphaned and abandoned children

Christian Orphanages: A Directory
A Directory of Christian orphanages around the world, to help you find short ... We can not assure you that the organizations which we list, or to which we ...
Christian Orphanages: A Directory

Travellers World Wide
Teach in orphanages, care homes, street kids, schools, adults and children. For the complete list, please go to our Teaching Projects page ...
Voluntary Work Overseas in Teaching, Wildlife Conservation, Orphanage Care, Work Experience Internships, Language & Cultural Courses


Hello, Salut, Selam from Istanbul

For your followers from Turkey; there is an organization named "Zeytindali" (means 'olive branch' which is the universal symbol of peace :))

This organization have an updated database of people who needs monetary help. (sickness, education etc.) If you click the link below, you can reach the database.
Zeytindalý Yardýmlaþma ve Dayanýþma Derneði

After you choose the person to help, you ask the moderator of the site, communication details of family who needs money, they give you details. You help them directly. This organization is just a communication bridge between the donator and the people needing help.



My choice of charity is Canadian Leprosy Mission. Google the name or go to leprosy.ca. A person can be cured of leprosy for about $350 Canadian. This seemed like a good cause to me. They work all over the world wherever they are needed.
They are registered as a charity in Canada and have been verified by Revenue Canada. They send out official tax receipts. If you choose to donate, please do your own research with this ( and all ) charities. I like this one and I will continue to donate. I like the idea of being able to DRAMATICALLY change a persons life for a sum that I can afford. In most of these countries the people with leprosy could only live as beggars with a horrible disease, shunned by all. Each life that is changed is a huge accomplishment.
Good trading all.


Fight HumanTrafficking/Sex Slavery

Good day to all successful or going to be successful forex trader!

I recommend this foundation for anyone who interested in the cause.
This foundation reaches out to female victims of forced prostitution and physical abuse and offers them means to be rehabilitated.

Summary info here (in English -link to the website is bad)
HumanTrafficking.org | Thailand NGO: Pavena Foundation for Children and Women

Pavena Foundation for Children and Women (Thailand)

This is the legit Foundation for Children and Women. It's very well-known among Thais for its good work. As some of you may know. The sex slavery is a huge problem in Thailand..(esp. young disadvantage/poor rural girls)

Too bad the website isn't in English (have to use Google translator) and doesn't except the donation online. You'll have to either send the check or wire money here.

Payable to "Paveena Hongsakul Foundation for Children and Women" (public interest organizations)
Wire Transfer to Bangkok Bank. Branch Ramindra.
Savings account number 187-0-74095-6.
On behalf of "Paveena Hongsakul Foundation for Children and Women."

Thank you & Peace to all !


Fred Hollows Foundation in Australia - a registered charity that continues the work of the late Dr Fred Hollows by helping to cure blindness in poor communities round the world


A Good Resource For Finding Global Worthy Causes

There was an article published in the New York Times June 16 that listed several worthy causes. The article can be found at:
You may need to register (for free) at nytimes.com to be able to view it.

Of particular note is a website mentioned in the article that identifies worthwhile charities around the world (in more than 80 countries): http://www.globalgiving.org
The link given on the home page to browse regions is incorrect; the actual Region browsing link is http://www.globalgiving.org/dy/v2/content/browseRegions.html

The article lists several good causes, including a couple of uniquely interesting ones: giant rats are being used to detect landmines in Africa. The rats are too light to set off the mines, but they can explore a suspected minefield and point with their noses to buried mines. After many months of training, a rat can clear as much land in 20 minutes as a human can in two days. The giant rats are also trained in health work: detecting cases of tuberculosis. Possible TB sufferers provide samples of sputum, which are then handed over to the rats to sniff out. This detection process turns out to be much faster than your typical microscope examination. A technician with a microscope in Tanzania can screen about 40 samples a day, while one giant rat can screen the same amount in seven minutes.

This NY Times article is actually focusing on the idea of giving to worthy causes such as these instead of squandering our resources on commercial and material (and often unwanted) Father's Day gifts, so it's a very timely article in line with Felix's theme of giving throughout his "Secrets of a Successful Forex Trader" chapters.
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