WPFX or WorldProFX or Jose Ricaurte Jaen SCAM

Julio Magana

My WPFX 10K account maganed by Jose Ricaurte Jaen to follow the same system as other investors was the only wiped out around Sep 2013.

They ceased operations and this is the message when you go to worldprofx.com

"World Pro FX has ceased to operate in the Republic of Panama due to several regulatory changes.
If you have further questions feel free to contact us at backoffice@worldprofx.com"

Please be aware of them if operating in other countries or Jose Ricaurte working with different brokers.

Many thanks to FPA to provide this forum.

Support Attachments:

Aug 31st 2013 – Monthly statement – Equity $ 9,867.17
Sept 23rd 2013 – Daily statement – Equity $ 5,027.59
Sept 23rd 2013 – Jose Ricaurte’s email saying he made adjustments to avoid further drawdown
Sept 30th 2013 – Daily statement – Equity $ 452.33
Oct 4th 2013 – Daily statement – Equity $ 2.65


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You probably should contact the Panama regulators about this. They may be able to tell you who some of the people behind the company are.