www.aaoption.com done fraud with me and not releasing my withdrawal

Send them an invitation to come and join this thread. Perhaps they'd like to explain publicly why you are having issues accessing your money.
I have already contacted Aaoption but Aaoption say that if you will go to any government authority or anywhere else then aaoption will complain in police. Aaoption is saying this sentence. They are also saying that you will never get your withdrawal. They putted bonus in my account and even they are saying that deposit more ex: $2000 otherwise they will suspend the account and hold the money forever. Aaoption is becoming a mafia in Binary Options Industry this time. I am arranging a lawyer also for protecting my self.
Threat from Aaoption.com

Did they put that threat in writing. If they did, please post a copy.

No, They did not threat in writing only in phone one time when i phoned them on their number after a lots of attempts. even they have removed a lots of contact details from their website.
So, let me get this straight. If you complain about not being able to withdraw your money to any government authority, AAOption will call the police on you.

Tell them to please go ahead and call the police. Tell them you would be very happy to sit down with them and a police fraud investigator to discuss why they won't send you the money they owe you. While you're waiting for them to figure out what sort of stupid threat to make next, go ahead and file all the information with econsumer.gov - Your site for cross-border complaints.