www.cititrader.com SCAM


I have tried to withdraw my money from the this company's platform (CITITRADE.COM) and found out the site is no longer valid or existing. I tried many times to write emails, while my withdrawal request was pending and no answer was received from any of their support emails. today the site is down and I am keep writing emails and the company is still not responding. REcently I contacted
company CITRADES.COM and the woman on chat told me she can help me to get in touch with the company and the only thing she did was, after i explained the situation to her, giving me support emails. After we finished the chat communication, i got chat history per email and it was from CITITRADE.com support email (support@cititrade.com). After I told the woman about this issue, that email was received from another company no answer was given to me anymore. I think copmanies cititrade.com and citrades.comare close connected.

Please share your experience and file a court case on FPA as soon as possible and stay away from this company!!