www.dgbwebdesign.com darryl bywater is a con man


DGBWebdesign is run by a chap called Darryl Bywater. I have known Darryl over 2 years, and at first he seems friendly enough and a likeable guy but that's where it ends. He comes across as very genuine but deep inside lurks one of the worst scammers I have come across in 5 years of trading.

This guy is a total crook, a con man and a scam artist. He makes videos on a YouTube channel called Traderteacher and also has a twitter feed Tradertreacher where he claims to make 98% winning trades, 25 winners out of 25 trades a week. Well I have since found out that he actually doesn't even trade himself and his background is actually that he used to be a market worker selling fruit and veg, he is as dodgy as they come. I have also since found out that he makes 5 separate trading scenarios on video and if one of those "works out" he posts it on YouTube and makes himself out to be the fortune teller of all forex markets. It's all a load of nonsense and a very clever scam. I spent a long time on his trading course, over 1 year so I have the basis to make this review I am sure you will agree and at the end of it I learned absolutely ZERO, if anything it made me a worse trader.

Along with several other members we asked to see his trades, his trading statements any sort of proof that he trades for real but he simply disappears off the planet for a while every time you ask then makes excuses such as "oh my friend was ill" to name but a few. He refuses to show any trades, his method is that he will give you some rules that are available free on baby pips (i know it's a joke) and then expects you to go and trade them and he corrects all your mistakes. You are NEVER allowed to be wrong and he regularly tells you to target 5 pips risking 20 because the market "has to go there". What a load of nonsense he totally ruined my confidence and gave me the most terrible habits that have taken me months to reverse. I don't think the guy has heard of risk management his stops were nonexistent and just random. I actually don't think he has done 20 minutes back testing let alone the 20,000 hours he claims on his site. He charges 5 grand for the privilege of getting stuff that is available for free on the internet.

He once told me after a long time of trying to teach me his fake method "if the other members knew the trades I was taking they would be depressed". I was absolutely horrified why did he tell me this? He essentially admitted to me that he doesn't even trade his own method and basically is as clueless as pretty much every so called mentor out there, it's all a big hoax to collect substantial fees.

Despite making promises when you sign up that he will show you his trades he just doesn't do it, not even after the fact always making excuses that the market is "quiet", the "setups simply are not there at the moment" but then he will go and claim he had 25 winners in a week on you tube. The guy is just so full of himself it's unreal.

This is my warning to you all, do not waste a year of your life with this guy like I did being fed nonsense, he is a total con artist and I really hope someone does something to stop this guy conning people out of 1000s. I have spoken to over 10 other members of his group and guess what they are all sick of him and not a single person makes any money from his outlandish support and resistance trading method claims. It sounds amazing on his YouTube videos and believe me if something sounds too good to be true it is. Darryl Bywater is a con man he will rob you blind then actually rub it in your face. To quote another member "James I'd be happy to get ONE winning trade let alone 25 in a week lol".

Over the next few days I will ask others to comment on this con artist and hopefully the public will be aware of just how big a con man this guy really is. Darryl Bywater I hope you can sleep at night knowing you have fleeced so many people of their hard earned cash you nasty nasty man.

Please do not give this con man a PENNY, you have been warned he will leave you high and dry. I am his longest member if you want more information on this con artist email me at deejaynv@hotmail.com I will show you his fake strategy it's a bit of a joke really, it's not worth 5 pence let alone the 5 grand he charges.


5 separate videos and posts the successful one. Amazing.

People should ask him to post his trading plans FIRST and then to leave a followup showing how successful (or unsuccessful) each one was before buying his course.

Of course, asking to see some trading records before shelling out thousands on a course taught by a guy who claims to have such a perfect trading record himself is also a good idea.