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Withdrawal Problem With ECNPROFX | Forex Trading

Withdrawal Problem & Account Disabled

I have not recieved my withdrwal from ECNPROFX | Forex Trading

ECNPROFX Account details:

MT4.id: 502179

First Deposit : 1002.99$ Liberty Reserve Method
second deposit : 3000.00$ Liberty Reserve Method
Profit : 7118.56$
Total Amount : 11121.55$

Withdrawal Requested Amount 5200$ on 13 th feb 2012 ,
they are not proccessed my withdrawal Request ,
i contacted them so many times but there is no reply,
I run Million Dollar Pips EA on my Account,
before Account opening they said that No Resrictions on MDP EA Trading,
second time i deposited $3000, but they object MDP Trading
After my claryification they Approved MDP EA Trading ,
but they applied Commisiion Charges,
iam not agree for Commission charges because they offer me first only spread ,
my Account runs first fifteen days with out commision,
Now they are Not processed my withdrawal Request,
Now they said that bank declined your Withdrawal ,
because you are running MDP EA is a TOXIC EA.
and you are using MDP Modified EA ,
But iam Running Million Dollar Pips EA with Default Settings,
I Have No knowledge about EA Modification,
According to ECNPROFx terms of service they allowed scalping EA s, there is No resrictions.
THEY OFFER PEOPLE NO Commisiion TO TRADE only spread ,
please check their website ECNPROFX | Forex Trading
Recently thay introduced EA Account type in Account Section,
now i also requested for convert my account as EA Account
i agreed for Commisiion charges also
but till now there is no Reply
My Account Disabled on 5 th march 2012 with out Notice,

My Withdrawal Not Proccessed .

i have some proofs of my Account.

Please check my Account stats

MT4i - mdpeurusd

MDPEURUSD System | Myfxbook

Please Help me to get my Money from ECNPROFX


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NO Sir,


Expert Advisors Welcome

No Scalping Limitations

News Traders Welcome

NO ORDER RESTRICTIONS :place orders inside the spread or as close as 0.4 pip away from the market.

SUB-SECOND EXECUTION :Trade up to 20 million with one click

NO TIME RESTRICTIONS :Open and close a position in less than a second.

[Actually MDP EA average Trade lenght 1.2 minutes MT4i - Risk figures for mdpeurusd ]

CHART BASED TRADING :Enter market and pending orders directly from your charts.


The ECNPROFX ECN account is made for scalpers and other high-volume traders (CTA's, Fund Managers, Trading groups and Automated Trading systems).
With pre-screened prices from more than 5 banks and institutions you can be certain that the price you get is most likely the best available.
ECNPROFX is a STP broker that never interferes with client's trading style, method or strategy, allowing you to be a better trader.

pLEASE click the linkS

ECNPROFX | Forex Trading
ECNPROFX | Forex Trading
ECNPROFX | Forex Trading


second time I Deposited 3000$ on 5 th Dec 2011

They sent mail regarding Reconfirm my Account with their LP BANKERS

ECNPROFX 502179: Second Deposit & ECNPROFX Reply

then i sent email on 12 dec 2011 with clear information about Million Dollar pips Ea which is currently i used



On 12 dec 2011 ECNPROFX Approved Million Dollar Pips Ea Trading

ECNPROFX 502179: ECNPROFX Approved MDP EA Trading

I Requested Withdrawal on 13 th feb 2012

after my withdrawal Request

No Reply
No Withdrawal
Account disabled
Get screenshots of all those terms and conditions. Then email them a link to this thread and ask them to comment here.
Withdrawal Process

Greetings Mr Jayaram .

We have tried to contact you several times to speak to your good self and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience cost, However we at ECNPROFX have escalate this matter to our compliance and legal department for further process and review your withdrawal request base on regarding your EA Trading .

Hope fully all the relevant issue will be solve in proper manner ASAP to avoid and misunderstanding.

Once again we truly apologize for the inconvenience cost and will get our compliance team to contact your good self .

Support Team
if ECN Pro is truly ECN, why would any trades need to be run through compliance? If the trades are truly shunted directly into the market, then the price shown is the real price and there should be no way to be "out of compliance".
ECNPROFX Compliance Team is Approved My Withdrawal Request ,

After withdrawal process is over ECNPROFX will convert my account as EA Account ,

My Withdrawal Is Under process and it will Take another three to five days.

Thanks to Forex Peace Army ,

Thanks to FPA Team Members ,

Thanks to FPA forum Members ,

Thanks To Ecnprofx Compliance Team .

I Hope my problem will solve As Soon As Possible.