www.ecntradefx.com - More than a month since I sent my withdrawal form!


I sent in my withdrawal forrm more than a month ago now! They did not pay my withdrawal amount yet! And On their Form it says processed usually within 2 days of them receiving it!!! Live support cant help you, the guy just says withdrawals is not his department. When you send an email to them at withdrawal@ecntradefx.com and info@ecntradefx.com, you get NO response whats going on. Still waiting now to see what happens!!!!!!!


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And to add, I contacted live help several times over the last 4 weeks! I sent multiple emails to the above mentioned email adresses, but it seems as if there is nothing that can be done to get the withdrawal processed. I even asked for an email adress for the Managing Director, but live help just say they cannot give that info!