www.forex-world-cup.com scam?


It looks to me like the Patrick Hahn website is just a FRWC affiliate. He didn't bother to update the page after the entry period was over.


The website shows results of the Forex Robot World Cup, another competition, and has very same looking design, but what seems strange, ist that it is hosted on forex-world-cup Expert Advisor Forex World Trading Cup
Maybe he didnt notice yet, but I think its a scam so that this guy gets some good EAs.
I'm running FRWC Fusion in a live account starting Tueday 16th with GoMarkets in Australia and I'm up an incredible 25% on my starting capital in just three days. It's real and it works! There's been two bad trades out of thirty eight in three days, again. It's real and it works!
However, always a but isn't there? I updated to V1.21 last week and it lost all of the gains V1.2 had made. So, I reloaded V1.2 and it's going well. Had a little trouble getting them to reset the account number so V1.2 would authenticate again but, they did and I'm very happy with it