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Anybody has experience with
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Early last week i saw the endorsement from forexmetatradingindicators.com about priceactioneasy.com
After I read all the descriptions about the system in priceactioneasy.com so then purchased the program.
I received the information next day and was very dissapointed because what i received was not what i read in the website.
There are at least 3 statements that i found on the website that are not what the product delivered.
Then i realized that the two websites are from the same owner "Dave".

I emailed him the same day (April 25th) about my concern and requested refund, 3 days passed by and no reply from him yet. I emailed to him again today (April 28th) and hope that he will reply back.

I hope i'm not the victim and also like to hear from other of you who has experience with the websites above.

Looks like payments are via PayPal.

Don't delay. File a PayPal dispute for non-delivery.

PayPal does have a very poor record when it comes to digital products, but specifying that NO product arrived gives you at least some chance.