www.netotrade.com stole $60000


My name is Mansour Areejah, I live in Saudi Arabia, in early 2013 received a phone call from (Hassan.a@netotrade.com), do not know where he got my number, he started persuading me to invest money for net trading, I have no experience at all in net trading and did not do any research on the net regarding Netotrade, he stated that they are based in London and they are regulated, I must admit I was fool and stupid not to do any search.

I trusted (Hassan.a@netotrade.com), he speaks my mother tongue too, where he promised me that would do his best that would not lose the money, as he is going to put the money in a guarantee win -win investment, all those according to him, as I said earlier have no idea at all in net trading.

I gave him my visa card details to take out $16000, opened a real account, asked me to go into my account, as we are on the phone, he went away and did the deal, all that according to him, after that he claimed that I made profit, so I filled a form to withdraw $5000, he did not get reply to my withdraw, send an email no reply.

Went on for about 3 months till I noticed that Netotrade are taking money from my credit card without my authorisation, so I had to cancel my card, the total withdraw was around $60000.

Till now Netotrade is refusing to refund my money
I was helping Mansour on this case, as I am based in the UK, originally we thought that they are based in the UK, but when I contact FCA they said they are not based here, as FCA issued a warning against them.
Reading previous cases against they are based in Israel.
I did contact Ms Deborah in Netotrade she said the case still understudy that was couple of month back, till now no reply.
how can he accelerates charge back process

Netotrade is scam.

You can make a chargeback! do that without waiting

I think Mansour's case is another proof that Netotrade is a group of thieves that only care in scamming people and steal their money.
I wonder if they would reply to Mansour claim that they stole money from his credit card.
FPA could you advise mansour how to accelerate change back process
Mansour, is there any progress? Do you need help filing a Traders Court case?
Mansour dont believe netotrade and dont waist you time, file the court case today.

Pharaoh can i get email or any contact number of mansour