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Over the passed 6-7 month I have checked many different forex website and played with several demo platforms and accounts to get the feel of forex trading. Among all the different brokers I have found realtimeforex one of the best trading company.
This is one legitimate company with offices in Geneva, Switzerland.
One of the dealer is a close associate of mine. I visited their office between Christmas and New Year 2007 and I was very impressed.
They have a fixed spread and a very friendly platform. They provide a free demo account for one month. The market reviews and predictions are 85% correct. The minimum deposit to open a live account is EURO 2,500.-
I am still playing with their demo account until end of the month and then will open a live account with them.
I was told that they are in the process of applying for a Swiss Banking license, since starting 2009 any forex trading company in Switzerland can only operate if they have this license, otherwise they have to close shop



A couple of thoughts on this. First, you might want to check the reviews at:

Realtime Forex Reviews | Realtime Forex Ratings | Realtimeforex.com reviews and ratings

Second, demo account and real account performance can be fairly similar or very different depending on the broker. Never rate a broker or trust a broker solely on demo performance.

If they are still getting regulated, I'd wait until that's done before even considering opening an account with them.

If you do open a real account with them, please make sure to tell us all the good and bad aspects of dealing with them under live trading conditions.