My name is Harold Rincon i want to just describe my current experience with spotfn at this moment..

first this company makes u believe they are in new york.. i ended up finding out that they are actually in united kingdom.. and i am not even sure about that either.

my problem at this moment is to withdraw my money been asking for it since december 9th and everytime i call they give me a new excuse..

so far i have gotten

the person in charge just had a baby

its the hollidays

we are just to busy

we will call u right back

the person in charge is in a meeting

the person in charge is on vacation

the person in charge just left

they also steal from customers i know this and i can back up my claim cause for like 4 straight times i saw my trades that where on the green end up as red on the history file.. the first one i didnt say anything cause maybe it was just very bad luck.. the second one i call them and they told me my page was just delayed.. the third one they told me my computer had a glitch.. and on the forth one i just exploded and i just call them and told them that i new for a fact that my trade was positive at the time of the expiry that just a few min i had refreshed and sing back in the page and that i was looking at it when it expire. it was a trade on gold for 300$ so after talking to customer service they told me to mail accounting so i did that and they actually responded me fast with in an hour or so i think.

the following is what i send them also i know that on the mail says i have seen this happen 2 times but is actually really 4 times.. the first 2 i just didnt count cause maybe the page was delayed or something.

so this is the mail:

Harold Rincon
To: Spotfn Customer Support Department


I am guessing that with my email you guys can figure out my account, But if not the account is under Harold E Rincon and its address is 215 7th st miami beach fl.

I have a problem with a trade with Position ID: 135833` at the time of the expiry i was on my pc and i had just open the account no more than a few min ago when i got the weekly calls from your valuable company, i was watching very carefully the trade and at the time that it expired i was looking at it and it was on the blue i even saw it desappear from the screen as in blue not red but then to my disappointment i didnt saw the account add automatically the quantity as it usually does when its a positive trade and yes in fact the system had read the trade as in red or negative.

I dont understand how this happen, i was looking at it and it was a positive trade. This is the second time something like this happen but the first time i thought was cause the page had been open for a long time maybe somehow my pc was not updating the prices correctly. BUT this time i know what i saw and i know everything was good.

I need your help in this pls so if u guys can help me it will mean a lot to me.

Thank you and any questions pls dont hesitate to contact me at



Harold Rincon

$ 300.0
14:46:25 11/12/13
15:00:00 11/12/13
Position Status Lost
$ 0.00

Position Profit: 80%
Rate: 1259.684
Position ID: 135833
Position Insurance: 0%
Expiry Rate: 1259.670

this was their answer:


Spotfn Customer Support Department (customersupport@spotfn.com)
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To: enriquerincon1@hotmail.com
Picture of Spotfn Customer Support Department
Hi Harold,

The money is back in your account, we apologize for the inconvenience.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us back.

Best regards,

Customer Service| SpotFN
UK (t) +44 (0) 20 3318 5988
US (tf) +1 888 9 SPOTFN (1-888-977-6836)

so now i have my 300$ back in the account.. not with the winnings but at least i have them back

now that actually becomes my nightmare cause now they say those 300$ are actually a bonus they gave me and i have to trade like 9k more to be able to withdraw my money... after talking to like 5 people i ended up on ac****ing talking to a guy named ruben i told him what happen and he told me that in fact was their mistake and he was going to help me with that and i will get my money by the 24th of dicember at the latest.. so far no money and everytime i call him i get some of the old excuses that i already posted above.. i actually call him today and they told me he was off till monday!!!!!!!!! monday the freaking 6th! well i guess i just have to wait

this is the mail i send just a few days after i started trying to withdraw my money.. now why i decided to withdraw it 2 reasons one i find out they are not in usa so i got worried that this was just an scaming company and two i needed it cause i was about to go see my little girls outside the state.

account number 7863391200‏


Harold Rincon
To: accounting@spotfn.com
Picture of Harold Rincon

Hello My name is Harold Rincon

I need your help with 3 withdrawals i made in the past days and i would like all of them to go to the debit card u guys have on file pls, i was told it could take up to 5 business days and i would appreciate if u guys can do me the huge favor on trying to send the money with in that time, u see i have a trip to go see my little girls next week on the 18th and i need that money so i can cover some personal things before the holidays.

the withdrawals where made in the 9, 11 and 12th so i am hoping that at least the ones for the 9th and 11th can be in the account by that time, if u guys can squeeze the one made on the 12th i would appreciate it a lot.

if u guys have any questions pls dont hesitate to reach me at the number below

thank you for your help

harold rincon

So i need help pls this guys are the most incompetent, lying, irresponsible, scamming, cheating company i have ever seen so far on my personal experience.

can someone help me.. i currently have just 2377$ there i know its not much but i need it a lot, i dont mind even negotiating with them and getting less but at least recover some part.

one more thing i also happen to notice that sometimes when i just look for eur/usd and put a call or put the price changes about 2 pips while the little tab where i have the live quotes from forex.com the price hasnt change.. what i say is that they use their system to screw u over as welll.

Its clearly mentioned in their website that


United Kingdom
Tower 42
25 Old Broad St. 6/F
London, EC2N 1HN
+44 20 3318 5988

Now come on your case, Can you please tell us how you deposited money to web ?

IF you use Credit Card than try to charge back ASAP.
If they claim to be in New York, call the CFTC. Since they have an office in London, call the FCA and FOS.

And, have that chat with the fraud department of your issuing bank if there was a credit card involved.
Yes, but i also thought they had offices on NY cause of two reasons, the US numbers they use to reach US customers are (513) 201-3882 and (888) 977 6836 and when they call me to offer me their services they told me they where here in USA and that they had offices in NY and that's where they where calling me from, so i just thought they where a big company that had offices all around the world.

I deposit the money via debit card which i did call the bank and they told me if i call spotfn and ask for a cancellation of those transactions then the bank can help me... BUT 4 days after i posted this review i did receive in my account 1750.00$ i am still short like 600$ from the money i had in the account but at least its a start.

So far i been calling and they give me the same answer and its they cant reach the person in charge or the person in charge is in a meeting and they will call me back in an hour or so.. obviously they never call me back.

yesterday i call again and this time i talk to a gentleman named Austin he told me they will call me back and then today he gave me the same answer. Everything was good at least conversation wise till i told him i was writing bad reviews about them cause i been trying to get my money out since December 9.. and when i told him i put them as a scam (cause by the time i post the review, i hadn't received no money from them and had trades that i dont know how they end up on red when at the time of expiration they where blinking green) so he exploded and his answer was pretty much i should be happy i was receiving the money i initially invested back, i told him that i wanted the rest as well cause even thou i suck at trading i was able to make some little money and i deserve to get it.

at the end he was so upset i was writing bad reviews about them that he literally told me to stop calling his extension and then hang up... a professional would have taken the effort to fix the problem and prove me wrong not make it worse or avoid it. But then again this is NOT a professional company.

I stand for what i said at the beginning and is that this is the worse company i have ever deal in my life and they are stealing from people. Cause at this moment after 30 days!!!! of asking for my money i have only received part of it, i also have wasted a lot of my time calling them and telling them over and over and over again that i want my money already.

And when i login to my account my balance appears as 0.00$ so if they already took out the money from there ... where is it then.. if its not there.



this was their last mail to me.

Hello Harold,

I apologize for the delayed response, due to the holidays we where a little short staffed, as well as the issue arose with the bonus that was applied to your account.

Regarding your withdrawal request:
I see you had deposited a total of $1,750 in 3 different transactions with the same Visa card ending in ***5420
1st deposit: $250 on Sep 23rd
2nd deposit $200 on Sep 26th
3rd deposit $1,300 on Oct 17th

We have issued out a refund today for all of those 3 transactions, please allow a few business days until you see it back on your card you deposited with ending in ***5420

Thank you,

Please feel free to reach out to me in regards to any issues or concerns.

Best regards,

Brian Morgan

Accounting Executive | SpotFN
I thought they did had offices on NY cause of two reasons, the US numbers they use to reach US customers are (513) 201-3882 and (888) 977 6836 and when they call me to offer me their services they told me they where here in USA and that they had their offices in NY and that's where they where calling me from, so i just thought they where a big company that had offices all around the world.

And thank u i will call those places, what department should i ask for

I did call the bank and they told me the could help me but after 4 days of my initial post they send me what i initially invested.. not the rest which is a few hundred dollars more and i am still waiting for it. My account its at 0.00 so they already took the money out but i dont know where is it cause i haven't received it.

Transaction ID Date Deposit Withdrawal Status Method Report
5499 21:58 02/01/14 $342.60 approved Wire
5320 18:44 26/12/13 $2000.00 approved Credit Card
4903 14:23 16/12/13 $300.00 canceled
4840 10:20 12/12/13 $500.00 canceled
4823 19:42 11/12/13 $459.00 canceled
4817 18:25 11/12/13 $300.00 approved Bonus
4692 16:31 09/12/13 $1000.00 canceled

My balance:
Harold Balance: $0

thank u for the advice.
We are at Jan 14 already and i still havent received the rest of my money from spotfn, i been asking them for it since december 9th 2013. Isnt that a scam??? its my money and i deserve it, i dont know when will i get it or if i will even get it.

the only money i have received is the one i initially invested, everytime i call them they just pretty much just tell me someone will call me back and ofcourse they dont call me back.


what can i do to avoid other people getting screwed by them.

any ideas.
first this company makes u believe they are in new york.. i ended up finding out that they are actually in united kingdom.. and i am not even sure about that either.

Hey now i dont know about you but before i joined them i checked their sight out and saw that they were in London and they even told me they were in london. So on that point I dont think they would tell you NY if on their site it says something else. Are you sure your not confusing them with someone else, cause I know iget calls from lots of binary oprtion companies even after i joined spotfn i still get the calls. And alot of them tell me they are in NY so I think you have just gotten your wires crossed.

Now let me address your issue about losing on what looked like a winning position. I have exdperienced a couple times but I have also experienced where when i saw a position lose it was actually a winner. Needless to say I was very sad when i thought i lost but then i noticed my balance go up so i doubled checked and found that i had actually won. So as i see it it goes both ways nothing i can see that is fishy.

I have been with them over 3 months now and i have made a little money not as much as I would like of course. I watch videos where they make thousands of dollars and that is what I want to do. but so far I have only made a few thousand and have even taken a withdraw after i completed some requirements of rollover and docs. It did take me a while to get everyything in order to be able to get a withdraw but since then whenever i need a few bucks they are very promt and I usually recieve it on my card in a week or so, which i think is good.

Mark Stewart
Broker's attitude is different to their clients time to time. I think there was a mess inside the company that's why the case of TS was dragged out before reasonable decision was worked out.
Call back your bank and explain the issue to the fraud department.

Have you contacted the UK FCA and FOS?

There's no harm in emailing the CFTC about those NY phone numbers.

Go ahead and file a complaint with www.econsumer.gov